Behind the Scenes: LP Fall ’14 Fashion Shoot

24 Jul

I’m  so excited to bring you a few sneak peeks at our upcoming fall line which is just around the corner!! This year, we shot at a public park in Belleair Florida known as the bluffs -  it’s basically a cliff that sits on the ocean and is lined with oak trees that are hundreds of years old. I love the history behind it; way back in the day Native Americans used to live here because of the cliff on the water… it was considered protected land. It is truly an amazing and special place and really spectacular backdrop for our fall shoes & accessories!

photo(73) {Our model shows off the Tracy Cap Toe, our newest ballet flat style that features a classic mixture of suede and patent!! Coming soon…}

The theme this year is Shades of Fall, which I just love. It is all about CHANGE….Summer is coming to an end and fall is upon us. It’s time to transition into autumn and embrace change. After all….A pumpkin latte does sound pretty good…



Speaking of autumn time and crisper weather,  it was actually a cold March day during our shoot, which is not normal for Florida!! The model was freezing the entire time,  so it was a full time job keeping her warm. Oh – and this was the first time that we’ve ever done part of a photo shoot in a canoe….It was quite something! The model had to be lifted into the canoe to make sure she did not get any mud on her feet (or her pretty switchflops).


photo(75)_edited-1 {Our model gets ready to pose with another new style – the Linda Stacked Wedge -  which is modeled after the Liz, but with a 2″ wedge.}

We have a great team that we work with, so our photo shoots are always pretty fun overall. Everyone always laughs at me, but we are notorious for having good food for lunch. When you are working from 5-9 on site, good food keeps everyone happy. ;-)


photo(78) {Halloween and Thanksgiving Snaps & Straps…coming soon to an LP Retailer near you!}

This year, we’re expanding the LP snaps & strap collection to include Halloween and Thanksgiving! We’re  super excited about this….Our theme straps/snaps are a huge fit with fans because they’re so fun and such a unique way to sport your holiday spirit…


photo(74) {Posing with our new ankle boot, Leah,  in black. }

It is not our biggest fall season, but it’s pretty close! We’re bringing fans a really nice variety – there’s truly something (and then some) for everyone.  I’m especially excited about launching our new cuff – we’re going to be introducing two different chunky metal bracelet cuffs (gold & silver) with a really glam signature snap that can be removed and replaced with any other snap!! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen me wearing it! I think it’s going to be huge because it’s so eye-catching and fun! And of course, then we have our boots! So there’s a lot to look forward to. Stay tuned…LP Fall ’14 launches next month!!

Adventures with Lindsay & Liz: Creating Your Bucket List

10 Jul

A new addition to the family, launching the biggest fall season ever, a dream trip overseas – this summer has been a whirlwind for Lindsay Phillips and mom Liz. For these gals, the bucket list just keeps growing and traveling is always part of their “Dream Big” equation. We sat down with both ladies to learn more about bucket lists, dream vacations, and how to make the impossible possible!


Liz, you recently went to Mt. Everest for three weeks. Why did you choose Asia and what was it like?

Actually, I went with my friend Susan to help her realize her life long dream! I had actually been to China before with Lindsay to source the original Lulu shoe. This trip we traveled to Bangkok and then flew to Kathmandu.  Totally different but both were very interesting. Mt Everest was both amazing and challenging. The Sherpas (guides) we’re incredibly supportive.


Camping out!

We joined up with an outfitter, RMI expeditions, in Kathmandu. We spent a few days acclimating and then 20 days in the Himalaya. We slept in tea houses and tents but luckily had good weather for most the trip.  We trekked every day, even on our “days off”.  The drink of choice was ginger tea and I ate mostly momos (dumplings), potatoes and eggs!

This was obviously a more goal-oriented trip. What would you say was the most challenging aspect & how did you overcome it?  

The hike and altitude is very challenging. At times it was just about making yourself put one foot in front of the other.


What was your most memorable part of the trip?

Reaching Basecamp!

Lindsay, You’ve traveled pretty far and wide – much more so than the average person – do you still have anything on your bucket list?

Sure! Bali and Thailand…. Along with spending more time in Europe. I love to travel and I love experiencing other cultures.


What has your most memorable trip been?

About 3 years ago my husband and I traveled to Paris with my parents. We spent some time in Paris and the wine country (Beaune). My dad is a huge wine lover and speaks fluent French. Just being able to experience all of the food, wine, and the amazing culture was such a blessing. I love everything about France. The lifestyle is amazing and people have such great taste. The food is out of this world.


Kelli soars to new heights ~ she even treks the Himalaya!

Yes! It keeps you focused on where you want to go and helps you follow through with getting there. It also it encourages you set money aside to be able to travel. My goal is to go somewhere once a year.

Dreaming is one thing – following through is another. What are your tips for making these dreams happen?

I have several, actually! First, set aside a travel account and put in it what you can. Then pick a place that you really want to go to and start researching. Use Pinterest and follow travel bloggers to learn more. Oh, and of course, get excited and start an itinerary!!

What would you say to someone who says, “I’m too old for that” or “Too busy” or “I can’t with kids”?

You always make time for the things that are important to you – it’ all about attitude. Right now I am in a tough spot for traveling with a one and a half year old and a newborn….But once they are a little older, trust me –  we will me making travel plans again!!


As always, this mother daughter duo continue to inspire. But we want to know: what’s on your bucket list? For inspiration, follow our Travel Board on Pinterest. Cheers to dreaming, planning, and trekking the globe (in switchflops, of course ;) Enjoy more photos from Liz’s amazing trip below!


Liz visits with the locals on her trip of a lifetime.


Advancing toward the top...

Advancing toward the top…


Hot ginger tea at camp ~ a must!

Hot ginger tea at camp ~ a must!


This Florida gal dreams of her switchflops as she braves the snow ;)

This Florida gal dreams of her switchflops as she braves this foreign climate in the Himalaya ;)

Spring Styleshoot Series: Cool, Calm & Casual

19 Jun

The ladies are at it again, but this time, there’s no particular place to go! (sigh…don’t you LOVE those days??) Maybe they’ll stop in for a bite at their fav lunch stop or do some leisure afternoon boutique browsing. For the moments that call for casual but chic, there’s nothing that a simple t-shirt dress or print cotton shorts can’t handle!
Spring and Summer 2014 Fashion

Lindsay goes for a simple (but never understated) look with a blue Susana Monaco T-shirt Dress, some funky coordinating bangles, and her new go-to Meredith Pewter gladiator sandals. The t-shirt dress is a no-fuss spring/summer staple that you can easily transition into fall with a great cardigan and some boots. Add a fun scarf or belt for a little extra pizazz, or simply wear it with your favorite Switchflops and conquer the world in style ~ even if it’s just the Saturday morning vegetable market ;)


Ashley Brooke is constantly amazed at all the unique ways she can wear her fav Liz Ballet Flats! Here she pairs the Liz Blue Seersucker with a pair of sky blue printed shorts and a simple white blouse. A great white or cream-colored blousy  top nearly always makes fashion must-have lists for a reason….it goes with nearly everything in your closet! For the spring and summertime, the blouse and short combo is always a fashion DO. Pair this dynamic duo with chic flats and you can go anywhere (including the office).


Casual, yes, but oh so cool. The new Meredith T-strap sandal is deliciously versatile – take it from casual to swank with LP’s myriad of fun, funky, and dressy snaps. With its cork-like footbed, Meredith is seriously comfortable too – you’ll feel like you’re walking around in the Liz, except your toes can wriggle free. Or go classic with the Liz Blue Seersucker – a fun striped print that pairs perfectly with whatever summery color you choose!


And now for the bling, without which, no day is ever complete for LP Fans! To keep her monochromatic look, Lindsay chooses the Semma Snap, part of our latest summer collection! Semma is a great navy-hued snap that will pair well with jeans, your red, white & blue creations, and just about everything we can think of, making it a total staple in your snap collection. Or go with the coolest of colors – White! Fans everywhere have been loving our new white & bright snaps like Klaudia. Just like Semma, snap Klaudia onto any switchflop and for an instant fresh breath of summer.


Get Lindsay’s Look: Blue Tshirt Dress: Susana Monaco.  Shoes: Meredith Pewter with the Semma Snap.

Get Ashley’s Look: Shorts & Blouse: Annie Griffin.  Tassle Belt: Lisi Lerch. Shoes: Liz Blue Seersucker with the Klaudia Snap.
Photographer: Gregory Daniel of Gregory Daniel Portraits.

Stylist: Josh Owen of Willard Randall.

Hair/Makeup: Luisa V of Elle Vie Salon.




Spring Styleshoot Series: Night on the Town

5 Jun

It’s been a long week at the office and the gals are stepping out for a night on the town! Who’s up for some giggling, dancing, and bar-hopping hoopla?? {We are!!}

OA2A4187 Polished from head to toe, the ladies are ready to stir up some well-deserved fun! Where will the evening take them?? Armed with their baubles, switchflops, and freshly painted toes, anywhere is an instant party (just add an umbrella drink).



Opting for rich jewel tones, Lindsay rocks a chiffon-like purple Rebecca Taylor romper that sets off her tanned legs and bejeweled black flip flops. The ruffled front is super feminine, yet the bifurcated bottoms means Lindsay can pull off a shorter hemline without worry (bring on the summer breezes!!) Or – use what you’ve got, like that little black style staple hanging in the back of your closet just begging to be worn. Ashley texturizes her drapey go-to black romper with a long, gold tassle necklace, giving this ensemble some major wow factor.



Seriously – who needs heels with shoes that look this fabulous? LP & AB say no to sore feet & hello to carefree fashion with comfy styles that don’t fall flat in the style department. LP fans know that great style is just half the secret….Switchflops are all about effortless comfort (but shhh….no one has to know ;)



Whether it’s a bachelorette bash, a date with the beau, or a must-have girl’s night, switchflops rise to the occasion. Dance on air with the one-inch Gwen Black Wedge (right), which takes on some funky pizazz thanks to the fun summer Brielle snaps – featuring a black & white eye pattern that is sure to catch some attention!! Or, stay flat on your feet with our newest switchflop Rosie in Black Snakeskin (left) – a pancake flat slide-on sandal that’s as chic as it is easy! Here, Rosie is paired with some dazzling black & gold signature snaps, compliments of Meredith Black.


Get Lindsay’s Look: Rebecca Taylor Romper @ Rebecca Taylor. Sandals: Lindsay Phillips Rosie Black Snakeskin & signature Black Meredith snaps.

Get Ashley’s Look:  Romper: The Loft. Necklace by Lisi Lerch. Sandals: Gwen Black Wedge paired with Brielle snaps.

Photographer: Gregory Daniel of Gregory Daniel Portraits.

Stylist: Josh Owen of Willard Randall.

Hair/Makeup: Luisa V of Elle Vie Salon.


Rocking Your Red, White & Blue

22 May

Get ready for some grand old fun – it’s Red, White & Blue like you’ve never seen it!

OA2A3976 Our Liberty Belles LP and Ashley Brooke are ready for a sparkling good time in their Red White & Blue ensembles that are sure to make a bang at any summer event. Let the fireworks begin!

OA2A3960 Awww Snap. Is there anything more All-American than the nautical trend? Ashley adds some knotty pizazz to her red Two Penny Blue Blazer with the Arlene snap. Ashley fastens Arlene to her jacket using our snap/pin system, a nifty feature that comes with our Madeira Knit Scarf Collection. LP Madeira scarves include a removable brooch that any of our snaps can attach to!


OA2A3986 It’s hard not to gush over LP’s floral and flowy maxi dress that subtly rocks her USA pride. The timeless navy on white print with bursts of red has us seeing stars ;) LP elongates her look with the Brenna Cork wedge, paired with the oh-so-nautical Jami strap.


OA2A3957 In true American fashion, Ashley goes all out with her navy striped white shorts & tailored red jacket, which she pairs with the classic Gwen Gold (one-inch) Wedge for a look that is star-spangled chic from head to toe.


OA2A3993 Ring in the summer with Red-White-&-Blue-inspired bling from Lindsay Phillips! Whether you’re honoring our brave soldiers, celebrating the USA, or just reveling in a summer of BBQs, trips to the beach, and umbrella drinks, we have endless combos that pair with EVERYTHING. {Psst…for more ideas, follow our Red, White & Blue Pinterest Board, where we’re adding new looks each week!


Get Lindsay’s Look: Annie Griffin Maxi Dress @ Annie Griffin Collection. Sandals: Lindsay Phillips Brenna Cork Wedge & nautical Jami Strap.

Get Ashley’s Look:  Shorts: Annie Griffin. Tank:  Banana Republic. Blazer: Two Penny Blue. Sandals: Gwen Gold Wedge paired with Signature Snaps from Gwen Red Wedge.

Photographer: Gregory Daniel of Gregory Daniel Portraits.

Stylist: Josh Owen of Willard Randall.

Hair/Makeup: Luisa V of Elle Vie Salon.