5 Summer Must-Haves

23 Jul

Modish Maxis

The maxi gained fashion momentum in the late 1960s and has reigned as a classic summer staple ever since.  Much more versatile than its mini counterpart, it can camouflage stubborn bulges, cover less-than-tan stems, and even conceal annoying leg stubble. Even better, the cinched waist and flowing lines are about as classy as a gal can get. The key to maximizing on this dress is to choose the right style for your body type. Done right, this dress can actually elongate a petite frame – just be sure to shop for floor-sweeping, empire waist styles that feature  small prints, vertical lines, or solid colors. Not so petite? Choose V-neck styles & thicker straps to flatter a large bust, and choose a style that isn’t so boxy that it hangs like a tent, but isn’t so form-fitting that it clings. This has been my go-to look since I became pregnant! I am just so lucky that this style is in right now. I would be so uncomfortable without my maxis.

The Ideal Shades

Let’s be honest: as fabulous as they look on the runway, there’s nothing more irritating on a hot summer day than the weight of dangling earrings and heavily-beaded necklaces. Your go-to above-the-shoulders accessory? Sunglasses! The perfect pair of ray-bans protects your peepers and completes any summer look.  From bejeweled square designs to rock-star aviators, there are endless styles to suit both your face shape and complexion. Even better? Trying them on doesn’t require a poorly-lit fitting room and a handbag full of regrets for indulging in that frozen caramel mochaccino at lunch. There is nothing sexier than aviators. I am rocking my Ray Ban’s at the moment. I call them my power shades!

Serious Sunscreen

Do not, do not, do not (did I mention do not?) leave home without sunscreen. The only thing more unsightly than lobster-colored shoulders with stark white strap lines is peeling lobster-colored shoulders. Not to mention the years of sun damage that are unraveling the benefits of all those expensive products you’ve painstakingly applied as part of your skin-care regimen. Go with a broad spectrum SPF of at least 30—55 or higher if you burn easily –and apply generously. Next to water, there’s no better way to pamper your skin under the harsh rays of the summer sun. Thanks to my favorite skin care guru Kate Sommerville, I can now even get my sunscreen tinted. This is an LP must have…..I can’t go anywhere without it.

Flirty Summer Wedges

Nothing is more sophisticated than a great pair of wedge sandals. They can make any outfit go from frumpy to fabulous. This triangular heel-style also balances any figure, lengthening legs, slenderizing ankles, and highlighting those calf muscles. Wit h all the flashy color choices out there, it can be difficult to find a neutral wedge that will go with everything but is still FUN. A braid-wrapped wedge heel, like The Devon, looks natural and classic, with just the perfect amount of bling. The Devon’s raffia blossom snap is earthy and chic, while its jeweled center adds subtle pizzazz. The Devon comes in three neutral colors – black, light brown, and green – that are sure to compliment any wardrobe. The snap possibilities with this wedge make it even more irresistible. If you’re looking for a bit more panache, check out the black with the Keagan or Karli, the light brown with the Felicia, and the green with the Mae or Billie.

Confidence-inspiring Swimwear

Nothing can strike more fear in the hearts of every woman than the thought of shopping for a swimsuit. And with this year’s record-breaking temperatures, there’s no hiding under your umbrella in last-year’s caftan. But the search doesn’t have to be painful. There are more styles this season than ever before to help lift, cinch, and flatter. If you’re pear-shaped, highlight your small waist with a bikini. Just be sure to balance out your top half by choosing a fuller-coverage top and avoiding skirted styles that can shorten legs and widen hips. Less than a C cup? Create a fuller bust with frilly tops or padded styles. And if you’re thicker in the waist, you’re in luck this season! Color blocking is all the rage for a reason: it creates the illusion of a tiny waist. If you’re still seeing red, a suit or tankini with ruched sides is always classic. For those of us who really want to look even skinner in our suits, Sara Blakley the founder of Spanx now has a swimwear line. Get it all in one suit.


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