Ankle Booties: The Year-Round Must-Have

15 Jan

They say you can kick anything with the right boots and we couldn’t agree more. In the past few decades, boots have transitioned from a frumpish winter staple to a fashion icon. They even leave Florida girls wishing for a chillier day.

Since their debut onto the fashion scene, ankle booties have reigned as the boot of choice. Sure, knee or thigh-high boots can be chic, but nothing flatters like the perfect pair of booties.



They’re More Versatile with Jeans 

Tall boots really require super slim cut or skinny jeans to look great, while ankle boots can be worn with any style. Our favorite look is a thinner cut jean at the ankle (think straight leg or skinny) rolled up so they sit right over your booties. But there are plenty more looks to boot! Pair your capri-cut jeans with your booties to achieve a similar look without necessarily rolling them. Or, leave your skinny jeans tucked in for a more chic & streamlined look. Better yet, feeling like rockin’ your bootcut jeans? Just wear them right over your booties. There’s practically no pair of jeans that booties can’t handle.

jeans and ankle booties

Ankle booties are a ton more versatile, pairing with a huge variety of jeans, like the boyfriend style shown above (rolled, just like we love ’em!)
Photo Credit: Amanda of


Wear More Skirts

Ankle boots also pair better with a wider variety of skirts, so you can wear all your favorite styles, like mini, ruffled, bubbled, or tiered. Booties and either a nude leg or a fun pair of tights are a trend-setting way to show off your legs AND love of fashion.

pair ankle booties with skirts


They’re Easier

Ankle booties are truly low-key, which fits right into the Lindsay Phillips motto of effortless style. Pull them on and you’re done! They’re calf-friendly and not so stuffy during a warmer day in or indoors.

Leah Black Ankle Booties with Dress


Wear Them Even in Warmer Months

The right pair of ankle booties –  like the Leah  – looks amazing with shorts, summer dresses, jumpers, and even maxi dresses. We love the edge you can add to your outfits by incorporating your favorite booties as a key part of your summer wardrobe.

how to wear ankle booties with dresses

Add edge to your dresses & skirts and show off more leg!


Our Pick: The Leah

Leah is made from cozy suede that’s perforated along the opening for added style and texture. With her heel zipper, she’s super easy to pull on and off.  Her smaller 1-inch heel means all-day comfort, and many of our fans are buzzing that she’s keeping their toes warm this winter season! Leah is an incredibly versatile bootie that pairs perfectly with any pair of jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts and dresses. Check her out here!

ankle booties boots


Leah Black Suede Ankle Bootie by Lindsay Phillips

The Leah suede bootie is perforated around the ankle for added texture & spunk.

Bootie Call

We want to hear – what’s your favorite look with ankle booties?

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