Autumn in New York

1 Oct

This past month, I flew to NYC to meet with some vendors and work on LP fall 2014!! It is always great to see what’s going in in the marketplace, and I am always SO inspired when I go to NYC. It’s a great place to trend watch as I call it!

Interestingly enough, I flew into New York on September 11. To be honest, it was very hard to get on the plane; the hardest part for me was thinking about those who died just living their normal everyday lives. But it also felt great to honor those of the past AND to stand up for freedom.  My goal is to never live in fear. I feel very blessed having the opportunity to be a female entrepreneur living in the US…

Once we touched down and I headed out into NYC, thing first thing I noticed was the surge of energy I felt! The energy is so contagious. It is such a fast-paced lifestyle and it gets me moving and thinking. I also love looking at all of the fall styles and colors. This year, I saw a lot of cranberry shades, as well as blue, and black & white. They are all hot hot hot. So is mixing suede and patent leather. I immediately thought of patent leather Liz, and our Nicole black wedge :)

Autumn is a very transitional time in the city. It’s crisp and cool without being too cold. It gets me excited about cooler weather, which is unusual, considering I like warm weather. But, like I said…NYC just affects you and it’s great to go when I can and get inspired for upcoming LP designs!

Oh – speaking of LP…the craziest thing happened to me during my trip! I ran into an LP fan  – Heather – in the meat packing district which is a super fashionable area in the city. I actually noticed her Liz ballet flats, so I knew I had to introduce myself!! It was so great….Nothing makes me happier and puts a smile on my face than running into someone I see wearing LP shoes (: It turned out that she is a huge LP fan and is actually a pretty well known food blogger. Check out her blog The Culinary Chase when you get a chance. Great stuff!

As if I didn’t have enough excitement during my trip, I also caught up with my two bff’s who happen to live in the city. We went to dinner at The Beatrice Inn, this fabulous restaurant in West Village – and caught up over great food and drinks. I was actually able to stay with one of these friends who is also recently engaged (!!)…so it was great to spend some quality time with her. It’s so important to stay connected with friends no matter how busy we get with work and family. Old friends are absolute gold  – they remind us of where we come from and how far we’ve come. It’s amazing to watch each other grow and pursue dreams.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. I was anxious to get back home to see my family again and return to working on the Spring 2014 line, which I am so beyond excited about! But for now,  Fall 2013 is right around the corner, and I can’t wait for you guys to see our new line…stay tuned! xoxo LP

PS: Below are some photos of my recent travels to meet LP Fans!

At the LP Store in Opryland!


I love that LP has fans of all ages - so fun!


Greetings from LP in Opryland!


How fun is this look??


Meet and Greet at the fabulous Molly's in Sarasota


Decisions, Decisions!

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