Behind the Scenes at QVC

16 May

Preparing to feature LP live on QVC has been a year and a half long process, but the wait has been so worth it. There are so many different ways to shop nowadays, and what I adore about QVC is that you can see the products modeled on real women right from the comfort of your own living room! It’s easy to see why this shopping network has such an amazing following of women, and I feel so honored to be apart of it.

Sara Blakley –  who is  the founder of Spanx and one of my mentors –  told me five years ago that I should go on QVC. She said that QVC really made her a brand name. It has always been my dream to make fashion more fun, versatile, and simple for women, and so the more people that know about the brand, the better.  You can imagine my excitement when QVC invited me on to share LP with an even larger audience of women looking for both style and comfort!

I flew up to Pennsylvania Sunday evening to film a 3:30  segment for Monday.  Yes, that’s AM!! ( One thing is for sure: It is not an easy job to be a host!) Like anything else in life it was an “unknown”, so I was nervous at first. Luckily for me, I had already flown up for an all-day course and training before hand, so I had an idea of what to expect. I’m not going to lie and say it was easy to stay up all night… It has taken me an entire day to get back to normal! But my excitement got me through it, and before I knew it I was filming the segment.

Here's where I got ready to go on set, complete with my gold Gwens :)


Many people ask me what it’s like to be on television.  I’m still trying to find the secret… the more I do it, the more comfortable I am. When you believe in something so much, it makes it easy. Once you get over those initial jitters, it’s very exhilarating to share your story and your products with so many people. I get such a thrill out of inspiring others to chase their dreams, so I feel like every time I get to share my own story of how LP was started, I am hopefully stirring passion, creativity, and inspiration in others.

Many ladies prefer to shop exclusively with QVC, so sharing our products with this fabulous network is a great way for more women to discover and fall in love with our products. I want our fans to feel like they have many LP outlets – whether that be our website, your favorite LP-carrying retailer, or television! LP is all about choices, so we are thrilled to add an additional one to the mix :) xoxo

Directions to QVC, headquartered in West Chester, PA


Heading towards the set!


Baby Burcham watching his mom's shoes on tv!


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