Behind the Scenes: The LP Spring ’14 Photo Shoot

7 Nov

I am so thrilled with this year’s spring shoot – we actually shot at three separate locations, including a private orange grove estate in Clearwater and a fruit stand.  From day one, we established LP as a Florida brand, but I feel like we’ve really taken it to the next level. Orange groves are a part of Florida history – I used to pass orange groves on the way to school everyday. There’s really no fruit that better represents Florida than the orange – bright, colorful, glowing, and full of flavor :) Like oranges, LP too is quintessential Florida; it just seemed natural to bring them together…

Our theme for this spring is A Slice of Sunshine. Everyday when I wake up,  I look for the sunshine – both literally and figuratively. To me, this year’s theme  just really captures the brand and the LP lifestyle – it’s about fun, it’s about color, it’s about happiness. I look for the sunshine and the bright side with everything in life. Even in the grayest of skies, one must still look for the positive.

I want LP to be thought of like you would think of an umbrella drink company – when you wear your LP’s, it is all about being relaxed happy and carefree. Even the process of deciding on your shoe and snap/strap combination is something to look forward to each day – it’s one thing that’s never tedious because of all the possibilities. LP truly is a slice of sunshine in your day!!

We also did a day of studio shooting, so we could focus solely on the shoes, snaps, and straps. These studio shots are how we bring you the crisp web images that you see when you search and shop You can expect to see some new shoe styles and some fabulous straps, snaps and cover ups. We have also added our core shoes in many more colors!!! xoxo

A lemonade stand that we made as part our Spring 2014 photo shoot - so fun!


The LP Brand is synonymous with umbrella drinks...happy and carefree :-)


A sneak peek at one of our new styles!





Exclusive Preview of our Spring 2014 Snaps!


We went for a much more classic look during this shoot...check out the cat eye glasses!


Our "Florida Glam" Wardrobe was amazing!



One of our newest cover-ups for spring!


Setting up an in-studio photo shoot. Watermelon, anyone? ;-)


New Libby Flavors!


One last sneak peek - It wouldn't be spring without colorful new straps!









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