LP Fall 2012 Fashion: Behind The Scenes

22 Aug

Beautiful  models. Bold Makeup. Photographers with French accents. It seems as if there’s almost nothing more glamorous than a fashion photo shoot. Ever wondered what goes on when the bulbs and shutters aren’t flashing? Switchflop’s creator and founder Lindsay Phillips answers many of your commonly asked questions below!                          ***

Tweed, featured in many of LP’s fall shoes and accessories, is a huge must-have staple this year.

How many times a year do the photo shoots occur?

Two times a year and they are always so much fun! One for the spring (September) and one for the fall (March).  

Are the shoots labor intensive?

A TON of work goes into the shoots; not only do we have to have final samples (which sometimes take over 6 months to perfect), but there is a lot of coordination that needs to be done, like models, hair & make-up, props, setting, photographer, styling, shot list, marketing plan for the season, and the list goes on…

LP sits patiently as her airbrush makeup is applied.

How long do the shoots take?

It is a long day. We usually start at 6am and finish at 9pm.        

Where does all of this happen?

 For this Fall we actually converted our conference room into a studio. And yes, we painted the walls white!

How do you choose the models?

We hire a professional foot model just for  the shoot. She has perfect hands, feet, and legs!

And you, of course, model. What is that like?

It is actually hard to stay in some of the poses. The one of me holding my legs up on the stump was not an easy position to hold. Being a professional model is not an easy job.

What do you do to help focus and maintain energy?

LP Model poses in flashy gold tights to highlight the black glitter Liz ballet flat - part of LP's Holiday 2012 Collection

 I always like to have music in the background, to keep it fun.

So if this took place in March, you would have been pregnant.

 Yes! A fun fact was that I was pregnant during this shoot, but only I knew….I was very early on.

Where do you get the clothing for your shoot? Does a stylist assist you?

 All of the clothes/jewelry used are from my personal closet……many times last minute wardrobe changes happen.

LP's Fall 2012 Collection

Did your dog come along this time?

Cosmo could not be at this shoot, since it was in the NJ office, but he is usually my best accessory :)

Your hair looks different in this shoot. Is that closer to your natural color?

My hair is a bit darker than normal…..yes, it is natural. I wanted my true golden hair to come through in this shoot.

What do you think the most important element of a good photo shoot is?

 Any photographer will tell you that the key to a shoot is lighting. Also, it is important to be as organized as possible—I like all the products to be out and ready to go. Having a plan and similar style shots is key. Design inspiration is a must have!

Fall fashion samples placed strategically so they are readily accessible. Which piece are you most excited to see in stores and on the web?


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  1. Kristen August 24, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

    So excited to see ALL the shoes and accessories soon. I’m loving the purple tweed pumps and the cowl-neck scarves! I’m excited to be able to use some of my snaps for a different look! Your shoes and photos have been inspiring me to add some purple to my wardrobe for fall… such a beautiful way to brighten up a typically black and grey wardrobe season.

    • lindsayphillips September 6, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

      Hey Kristen! Totally agreed…purple is so fall, yet so feminine! You will have to send us some photos once you have some new looks going! Have you seen us on Twitter or Facebook?

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