Behind the Shoe: Meet Hope

8 Apr

Espadrille Flat


Between her work as a senior analyst at FIS Global and raising her little girl, Hope is a busy lady. But her demanding schedule doesn’t keep her distracted from life’s pleasures for one minute.  Hope lives up to her name, inspiring everyone around her with her relaxed demeanor and unique perspective on life.  This season, Lindsay named our newest strapless shoe Hope, a spunky Espadrille slip-on Flat, after her happy-go-lucky friend –  an earthy,  seaside lovin’ gal who knows a thing or two about the importance of stopping to smell the roses ocean breeze! Feet, Meet the globe-treking free bird, Hope.


Fill in the name acronym:

H appiness

O cean

P eace

E asy going


A motto to live by:

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. ~Buddha


Fav Ice Cream Flavor? 

Chocolate chip cookie dough!


Favorite place for a stroll? 

Weekend mornings at the local farmers market


Fav Name For a Girl? 

That’s an easy one:  My daughter’s name is Summer.  A simple, unique, and memorable name.


Share Your Passions – What Motivates You?

I have a passion for photography and love of the ocean and travel.  I enjoy grabbing my Canon and snapping candid photos of Summer when we are playing in the backyard or just when the light is right.  Last week, I did a mini photo shoot with Summer at sunset while she was playing with spring flowers.



Fill in the blank: Be_____________

True to yourself.


Astrology sign? 

Capricorn (she’s an Earth sign, of course!)


Soho or San Francisco?  

San Francisco.  I need the ocean view :)

Hope in Lake Como

Hope and Summer enjoy the ride on Lake Como in Italy.


Where Have You Ventured To?

Our travel adventures usually include the ocean.  My husband and I enjoy scuba diving, and we have been as far as Bora Bora to enjoy their amazing diving and breathtaking views.  Summer’s passport includes stamps from the Bahamas, Mexico and Italy.  We try to plan a new family vacation each year to a place we have never been.


Ideal Sunday Afternoon? 

The day would start with a mimosa brunch with friends and family, followed by playtime in the pool with Summer, and end with a beautiful sunset.


Fav Cegan/Vegetarian Meal? 

Black bean burrito filled with fajita veggies and Mexican rice.


What Features Do You Love Most About The Hope Espadrille Flat?

First, I love the color.  The light gold matches all items in my closet. Not to mention the braided jute wrap that keeps the look casual with a bohemian feel.  My go-to style is a white t-shirt and jeans with bold jewelry accents.  The Hope flat compliments my style perfectly.

Hope Espadrille Flat



Like we said, does she inspire or what? From capturing snap shots of her favorite natural moments to plunging head first into the wonders of the deep blue sea, Hope has a unique knack for finding peace, beauty, and adventure.


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