Behind the Shoe: Meet Mitzi

12 Mar


Lindsay Phillips never forgets a name. Not just limited to close friends and family, she stamps each shoe style with a name that pays homage to practically every person who’s ever touched her life: from the first boutique that ever sold her switchflops, to family members of friends, and even the LP staff!

This season, LP dedicated one of her newest and most favorite styles to her upbeat graphic designer, Mitzi. We were fortunate to catch Mitzi in a moment when she wasn’t making some graphic magic (which isn’t often – this designing diva is a creative whirlwind!!) to get to know the name behind one of LP’s best designs to date.


Favorite Tropical Drink?  

Anything grapefruit!  I love tart & sour flavors, so a little pinot grigio, grapefruit juice, and club soda hits the spot for me.


Item You Can’t Leave Home Without?

Okay, I can’t just narrow it to one…I am a girl!

~AVA Body lip balm

~ Creme de Earl Grey tea bags (stashed in my car, purse, laptop case, etc)

~ Le Pen pens

~ Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream 

~ My laptop (of course)!


What Inspires You?

The past.  I love mid-century modern artwork and architecture; the forms and proportions have informed so many of our design standards.  



Snaps or Straps?

Snaps. I have a hard time finding ballet flats for my narrow feet, but the Liz (and now Tracy) fit perfectly. My favorite snap-to-date is the Sallie bow snap. But the Claire is a close 2nd.


A Quote You Live By

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape”.  I’m not sure who said this, but flexibility is key!  And of course, the golden rule (Matt 7:12): do to others what you would have them do to you.


Shade of Mitzi and Snaps You’re Most Likely to Be Seen Wearing?

Black with the original snap.  Although it looks great with the Braelynn and Monica.


Favorite Getaway Spot?

Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  Perfect waves for surfing and a low-key vibe.  

384459_10101141129544109_607420023_n (1)


Anything on a board: wakeboarding, longboarding, snowboarding, SUP, etc.  After working at a desk most of the day, it is nice to get out and get active.  


What’s Your Fashion Style?

Clean, graphic minimalist mixed with art-inspired brights. Simple black and white everything with a pop-of-color accent piece, such as a bright snap, a bold lip color, or a neon clutch.



What Do You Love Most About Your Work at LP?

I enjoy working with such a positive group of people!  Everyone works so well together, whether it is on a photoshoot or simply putting together an email.  Having a positive and encouraging attitude makes work not feel like, well, work!


It’s not hard to see why LP named this quintessentially comfy, yet spunky, vintage-inspired shoe  after our very own graphics guru. A comfort to be around, warm, and fun-loving, you can always count on Mitzi for a little artistic flair, mixed with sunny charm. Cheers!




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