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LP Fall Fashion Guide: Festive Holiday Looks

6 Dec

December is finally upon us…with holiday events approaching, don’t get so caught up in the seasonal rush that you forget about what you’re going to wear! Whether you’re keeping it casual or dressy, I’ve featured chic holiday must-haves  for all of you! Many of my looks this week feature black leather – from leggings to […]

LP’s Holiday Gift Guide

21 Nov

It’s that time of year again – the smells of cinnamon & pine, everything covered in beautiful lights, family coming into town, and of course all of the wonderful recipes incorporating pumpkin,  peppermint, and chocolate. Only one thing can ruin this beautiful time – Stress! For many women, the holidays nearly always mean racing around […]

LP’s Fall Fashion Guide: Thanksgiving Gatherings

15 Nov

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, but you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe to look as fabulous as the Thanksgiving spread. Use what you have – and that includes your favorite LP shoes! This week’s fashion guide shows you how to pair your favorite fall LP shoes with wardrobe staples you already own. It’s […]

Behind the Scenes: Burcham’s First Photo Shoot

8 Nov

Baby photos are something that nearly every new mom looks forward to. To forever capture the image of your newborn in his or her first few weeks of life, and to share those images with loved ones – there’s almost no better feeling. I am just beyond thrilled to be sharing these photos with all […]

Must-Have Flats

1 Nov

Kate in Tan Python by lindsay-phillips-switchflops Kate in Black Python by lindsay-phillips-switchflops Hello, dear readers! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to continue to put together these fashion blogs! As busy as I am with the baby, fashion is ALWAYS something I’m willing to make time for :) This week, I want to […]

Behind the Scenes of LP’s Pregnancy

25 Oct

  How was your pregnancy overall? I was incredibly blessed. My pregnancy was very easy. I did not know that I was pregnant for 7 or 8 weeks, so I think that sometimes not knowing can be easier on your mind in the very beginning. I have also had a lot going on with work, […]

Fall Fashion Guide

18 Oct

Fall Fashion 2012 (Oct 18) by lindsay-phillips-switchflops In this Fall Fashion Guide, I’m  featuring both weekend AND office looks that work for everyone. Many women of all ages have shared that they would love to look more “vogue” but fear that they will either stand out too much or look silly. Fashion should leave you […]

LP Weekly Style Guide

14 Oct

Fill your closet with autumn staples that will get you through the fickle fall weather, like basic tees (off-the-shoulder are still fun), jeans, and cardigans. Roll up a favorite pair of jeans on a warmer day to highlight a great pair of wedge sandals like the Nicole. And consider using scarves and straps & snaps […]

Close to the Heart – My Family’s Battle with Breast Cancer

11 Oct

Breast Cancer Awareness month is always bittersweet for me – on one hand, I am so energized by the increased fundraising and awareness of this life-shattering disease. As more and more women (and men) get involved in the battle against breast cancer – whether it has affected them directly or not – the better chance […]

LP Fall Fashion Guide

4 Oct

Fall Fashion 2012 (Oct 4) by lindsay-phillips-switchflops featuring Nicole Wedge Switchflop Autumn – the time of year when leaves begin to change, the temperature drops (even here in Florida, the weather is dipping into the cooler 80’s ;)), and new flavors emerge. For most of us gals, the fall time means incorporating more shades of […]