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  1. Lisa Hudson October 25, 2010 at 8:26 pm #

    Hi There,

    I’m another huge Lindsay Phillips fan. I just saw the Liz and Isabel shoes that I had never seen before at my local boutiques and can’t wait to see them in person and try them out. They are super cute. I wish I had known of them earlier.

    I am an online reviewer and writer for several writing and publishing sites, including Associated Content, Helium, and Examiner. In that context, I have written a review on Snap Shoes recently. I own three pairs- bronze, black and silver and many snaps, so I wrote about my personal experience with those ballet flats and a wardrobe of interchangeable snaps.

    I wanted to share the article I published about my favorable review of the Snap Shoe line with you. Now that I know there are kitten heels for career wear and holiday fashions, I am so excited about the line’s expansion! Let me know of anything new and exciting coming down the pipeline next.

    I see the scarf line is expanding. What about versatile purses or jewelry like watches or necklaces with interchangeable pieces or components- clutches with snaps similar if not identical to the shoes? wallet purses or wristlets? Just some random thoughts.

    A Big Fan and Snap Shoe Owner,

    Lisa Hudson
    Raleigh/Wake Forest, NC

    (Sorry the formatting of the article is wreaked by this email format).

    Creatively & Inexpensively Enlarge Your Shoe Wardrobe with Versatile Basics

    Publish Date: 08/25/2010

    Tired of your boring, average, and predictable shoe wardrobe and the same old hum drum day in and day out? Yet, in this economy, do you breath heavily and get sticker shock when you browse the shoe department in the big mall stores or the popular online stores? Chances are that you are still looking for something to pep up your wardrobe and complete your fall style, though, right? Fortunately, there is a creative and versatile solution for fall and winter and many seasons thereafter.

    Lindsay Phillips has designed an ingenious, yet simple, line of shoes and shoe accessories or ornamentation. Her premise is simple and crowd-pleasing: buy one or two base shoes and then create a multitude of different looks by changing the snap bows or buttons at a small additional cost. Therefore, women are able to extend their shoe wardrobe relatively inexpensively just by purchasing a few new snaps each season. You are able to have comfortable quality shoes at affordable prices and enjoy the trends and fashion whims with the more inexpensive accessories you use to layer on your shoes to create new looks.

    Lindsay Phillips’ base shoes come from two lines: one is a ballet flat (Snap Shoes) and the other a flip flop (SwitchFlops).

    Lindsay Phillips’ ballet flats are mainly available in metallics and neutrals. They are ultra comfortable with flexible soles and elastic around the back and sides of the shoe to keep it on the foot during walking and as the shoe stretches with wear and age. The ballet flat wears like a slipper. The rubber sole is much more comfortable than a hard-soled ballet flat. The shoes can be worn with hose, tights, trouser socks, or bare feet.
    The shoes are sized true to size and if anything, order one half-size up if you are prone to wear thicker tights or socks with the shoes, or prefer a more loose fit. The sole complaint that this writer and owner of three pairs of Snap Shoes has is that after wearing the shoes for hours at a time during and after pregnancy, the elastic in the shoe is strong enough to cut slightly into the heel to the point of making a red mark. Perhaps ordering the shoe a half size above your true shoe size will alleviate such a concern.

    For those with feet problems, jobs that necessitate lots of standing and time on your feet, or for those expecting or with other medical conditions affecting their feet, these shoes are a stylish option to the clunky clogs and orthopedic sandals otherwise available. You get all of the comfort, but tons more style and fashion at a much cheaper price.

    Lindsay Phillips’ Ballet Flats come in a variety of neutral metallics and hues. The shoes come in a variety of metallic and neutral hues. For example, there is white gold which resembles a clean silver, gold which is a newer shade and resembles a brushed metallic, black which is the matte standard and favorite, and bronze which is has a lot of chocolate in the metallic (may be limited in some areas). Then, there is a newer and trendier print available now, too — leopard animal print with beige, black, and brown tones.

    Each shoe comes with a rose-like snap initially and the center of the snap rose is a faux crystal in a hue matching the shade of the shoe. The ballet flat retails for approximately $64.00 at most retail outlets and online vendors. Women’s boutiques, gift shops, and similar types of boutique specialty stores tend to carry the Lindsay Phillips line.

    Introduce fun, flirtation, whimsy, and fashion into your shoe wardrobe simply by changing the snap ornaments.
    The fun, whimsy, and pure genius creativity of the line is found in the snaps. For an average of $12, you can buy snaps that are shaped like crystals, roses, bows, gems, spheres, squares, stars, and even more organic shapes. There are simple snaps in one or two tones with minimal ornamentation and there are spheres decorated heavily with bright gems and crystals at the more decorative end of the line. Of course, there is also anything in between. New snaps are released each season, with most, if not all of the previous collection remaining available.

    Ideally, not all snaps work with all of the shoe colors, but within each base shoe color, there are quite a few available snaps. Many of the snaps work with more than one base shoe color, however. The silver (white gold) and gold shoes have the most options for available snaps, and the metallic shoes are seasonless. The hardest decision to make is to edit your choices in snaps so that you don’t end up with ten new pairs each time you shop for new shoe ornamentation.

    The Line’s website is a great place to start for viewing the full collection of available snaps. A great place to start for selecting your base shoes and the beginning of your snaps collection is the line’s website and its page dedicated to the ballet flats on the left column and the available snaps in the center and right hand columns, http://www.switchflops.com/cart/home.php?ctype=ballet. The website gives you a good idea of what is likely available at your local retailer. Note though, that the website is not equipped for individual retail purchases, but only for larger wholesaler/merchant orders. The website will provide you with a list of retailers in your area.

    This writer and Snap Shoe owner gets a myriad of compliments on her shoes and enjoys switching the snaps on her ballet flats to match each outfit. The shoes are more casual because they are flats, but with the right snaps, outfit, and accessories, can be dressed up for office, dates, evenings out, church, and/or other special occasions. This is the quintessential weekender and Casual Friday shoe, hands down. Owning Lindsay Phillips’ Snap Shoes and a collection of interchangeable snaps is like being in a shoe candy store with limitless options for shoe candy found in the available collection of shoe snaps unveiled each season.

    SwitchFlops are the second line of shoes in Lindsay Phillips’ collection and they also offer a variety of shoe bases with different straps and ornamentation.
    SwitchFlops work in much the same manner as the Snap Shoes, only they are flip flops and more casual shoes for the summer and spring season unless you live in a very warm climate. These shoes offer wedges, flats, kitten heels, and similar options, with a variety of straps and ornaments to attach to the shoe base. Some of the shoe bases are solid colors and others are bold prints with florals, animal prints, or polka dots. The straps and sphere ornaments work the same way — some are solids and others are stripes, animal prints, or solids. The options are endless. Your initial purchase always comes with a set of straps and initial sphere ornamentation and then you buy interchangeable and detachable straps to boost your collection.

    There is also a line of flip flops in solid colors in the Snap Shoes line and the only thing that is interchangeable on those shoes is the ornamentation at the toe, whether it be a sphere, rose, bow, or other shape.

    The combinations are endless for your growing shoe wardrobe with these basic building blocks.
    With Lindsay Phillips’ line of flip flops and ballet flats, your own creativity and fashion sense are the only limits to the size of your shoe wardrobe with the endless combinations you can create and build with a few basic shoe bases and a growing collection of detachable snap ornamentation. Your feet will be comfortable and fashionable and you will smile with the fun, whimsy, and creativity staring back at you on top of your feet.

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