Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

25 Sep

liz_blue_crackle_metallic_bench Pumpkin lattes, rich, vibrant colors, new patterns & textures – fall is definitely here! No one gets more geared up about new seasonal trends than Lindsay, who knows all the hot fashion trends months in advance, thanks to her trips to NYC and trendy design team. If you want to look trend on this fall, you don’t need a whole wardrobe overhaul. Lindsay’s sharing her favorite fall fashion tips, so you can look amazing on any budget and hectic schedule (even you, busy moms!).

LP’s Fall Shopping List…

061914_shot162_004_a 1. New jeans – I like to start off the fall season with a nice jeans update. Right now I am a big fan or AG and J Brand jeans – skinny jeans. Definitely on my wish list this fall are a pair of beige/ off white jeans. I think they look really fresh in the fall & winter time.

2. White cords – like these from Calypso St. Barth. I just love white in the winter time…although I do wear white 24/7. I think the old “no white after Labor Day” rule is just that – old. I say if you love white, incorporate it!

Screenshot 2014-09-23 11.13.20 3. A fun puffer vest from J.Crew. With these, I usually wear light, loose sweaters or oxford shirts. I tend to add accessories to make it fun. Forever 21 has some awesome statement necklaces right now.


Screenshot 2014-09-23 11.14.00 4. A trendy Tracy Negoshian team spirit dress.



5.Short booties…. LP ones of course. They’re a great low heel, so you can wear them anywhere, and I love the suede texture that pairs with anything from jeans & cords to even dresses with tights.



Anything that you’re transitioning from spring to fall time?

In Florida, we don’t really have a transition time, but when it gets chilly here in the winter, I do tend to pair lighter sweaters over my more warm-weather fun tops…and that’s something that you can do in the autumn in more Northern climates as well. I also love adding fun short sleeve vests over my normal outfits for some added warmth and texture.


kelli_grey What are your favorite shades this season?

Yes…Greys are in really in along with deep cobalt blues. That’s why I was so excited about introducing our new snap shoes –Charlotte Grey, Karina Grey, Kelli Grey, Blue Metallic Crackle Liz, and Royal Blue Tracy – into the mix. I am also loving the deep, bright jewel tone fall colors that are out…they have a memorable & luxurious “feel” to them – what a great way to make a fashion impression!


Lindsay_cover Prints are more popular this season than ever before. How do you go about choosing the right ones?

Prints are definitely in, and they’re a huge part of my wardrobe, since I love color and vibrance. I usually go with a full printed dress or a printed accent. I love wearing a printed dress in the fall with fun tights and nice boots.

I would say to anyone who has a little printphobia – don’t be afraid to rock the prints! Life is too short for just solids, and prints are a great way to break up your outfit/make a statement. Choose smaller prints to start out with (but I do promise you’ll be hooked!) Also – try patterned tunics with solid leggings (or even vice versa – you don’t have to go full-blown pattern to enjoy this fun, funky look).


linda_with_balloons Sixties dresses are also huge. Which switchflops do you especially love to see paired with them?

Yes – I love that these dresses are re-emerging. They’re feminine yet edgy. You can’t go wrong with any of our flats like Liz or even pointed-toe Charlotte. The stacked Linda wedge looks amazing with these dresses as well.

cuff_with_coffee What accessories are you incorporating this fall?

Gold is huge and is only going to get stronger. You can even see this trend happening in home décor. Many people are going gold over silver again. It’s always fun to add a gold necklace (or two), bangles paired with our new Chloe Cuff, and of course a little gold shoe bling to pull it all together.




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