Feet, Meet Karina – The Ballet Flat “Sneaker”

11 Sep

Sneakers – they’re no longer just for the gym! Gracing fashion runways everywhere this season, even Chanel is embracing this fun (and comfy) look. We’re super excited to finally introduce our sportier flat that we’ve had on the design wishlist for a while. Designed for ladies on the go, Karina offers all the sturdiness and support of a sneaker, while looking trendy and stylish with your skirts, leggings, and jeans. Finally – the “sneaker” you can add snaps to!


We’ve heard all kinds of consistently great “feetback” from LP fans who have already fallen in love with this versatile, patent leather flat. As women, we should always be sharing fashion tips and anything that makes our lives easier.  So without further adieu, here’s the top 5 reasons you’ll love Karina


#1 – Sneaker in a Ballet Flat Disguise…

She looks like a ballet flat with a slight heel, but with her sturdier sole and bottom tread, Karina is designed to wear and act like a sneaker! If Liz feels like a slipper, Karina is her more adventurous cousin that can handle puddles, a little mud, or an afternoon at the park.



#2 – Plush Cushioning

Karina is a surprisingly plush shoe, with a cushioned feel that’s very similar to Liz but with additional cushioning at the arch and heel for better comfort and support.


#3 – Accommodates Most Foot Types…

Karina offers a slightly wider cut to accommodate most feet, while her elasticized stitching at the top of the shoe gives a more custom fit. Whether you have wider feet, higher arches, or narrower heel, Karina forms to your feet for a super comfortable fit.


#4 – Slip-on and Go….

There’s a reason we miss our flip flops when the weather gets cooler – they’re easy! No laces, bunched up anklet socks, or tucking in our heels. That’s where Karina really shines – her slip on style makes her a great on-the-go alternative. Slip her on as you dash out the door to work, yoga, or your kiddo’s play date but still feel like you’re wearing a plush sneaker with a sturdier sole.



#5 – Versatile & Feminine

There’s no doubt her sole gives her a little bit more of a sportier side, but Karina is still an incredibly feminine shoe without the clunkiness of other sturdier slip-on alternatives. Wear her to the office (and you’ll love doing so, especially if you’re on your feet a lot) or pair her with jeans for your Saturday afternoon at the coffee shop, zoo, or wherever your weekends take you. Add a bow (like the Blanche snap), some funky charm (like the Vivian snap), some flower power, or even a little rhinestone bling (like Braelynn) – like the cat woman of shoes, Karina takes on the world while still looking like one chic diva.

Karina comes in classic black or a fun, trendy grey, each with a matching diamond-shaped snap. Find her here!

Scroll Down to see some of our favorite fall snap pairings with Karina!

Karina Black with Vivian Snap.

Karina Black with Vivian Snap.

Karina Grey with Elyse snap.

Karina Grey with Elyse snap.

Karina Black with Blanche snap.

Karina Black with Blanche snap.

Karina Grey with Braelynn snap.

Karina Grey with Braelynn snap.

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