Giving Thanks This Season

27 Nov


We live in a fast-paced world filled with iPhones and tablets, beeping and buzzing, pop-ups and flashing ads – however helpful modern technology can be, it can often distract us from what’s truly important. But in spite of the chaos, we don’t have to look too far to realize our blessings this Thanksgiving.


Cheers to Your Health

As you feast this holiday, remember your blessings!

As you feast this holiday, remember your blessings!

How many of us wake up healthy every day and take it for granted? Good health is a true gift that we should feel blessed to have each and every day. It takes an incredible amount of strength and energy to do the daily grind, and I am truly thankful that I live each day without pain and suffering. They say that you never know what you have until it’s gone, but I believe that with continued awareness, we can learn to appreciate each breath we take. And it’s amazing what that appreciation will do for the spirit too! Gratitude is instant happiness…


Cheers to Family

IMG951517 Beyond health, I have really learned this year that Family is EVERYTHING – honestly, the rest is all gravy. It’s no secret that I’ve always stressed the importance of surrounding yourself with loved ones, but becoming a mother is what has really reinforced the importance of family for me this year. I am so blessed that my husband and I had a child early enough to have the support of our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles!

Speaking of family, make this Thanksgiving about remembering where you came from – your foundation, your moral values. We exist only because of the people who sacrificed so much to help shape us into the people we are today. You can change your hair, your wardrobe (and of course your Switchflops ;) but the person you are at your core has a lot to do with your family.


Burcham with his daddy and great-grandfather! It’s beyond amazing to have so many generations in one room, isn’t it?


Cheers to the Unrecognized


I give thanks to those who have helped me take care of my guys :)

For me, this Thanksgiving is also about literally thanking those who have made my life easier – juggling is always more manageable when your load is lightened! So I say acknowledge everything that your family and loved ones do for you, be it babysitting your children, running errands, helping you plan, and just simply being there. Deep down, they know that you’re grateful, but make it a point to verbalize that this holiday – tell them how much you just couldn’t do it without them.

And of course I can’t forget my first baby – Cosmo. Family pets make an amazing impact on our lives, and we shouldn’t forget them this season. xoxo

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