LP Trend Report: Summer 2015 Style

19 Jun

Summer Fashion Trends 2015


It’s official – summer has arrived!! But with the wide variety of styles out there, it can be unbelievably overwhelming to figure out what to wear and how to wear it.

This season I have been super blessed to travel all over the country and meet our Switchflop fans! One of the first questions I am always asked about is my favorite looks and go-to’s for the season because as so many of you know, my first fashion priority is easy breezy! Check out my top summer favs for outfits and Switchflop pairings below for your own summer style inspiration made simpler.


Summer Trends 2015 - One PIece Swimsuit

I love the one-piece wimwear trend, like this misun print by Mara Hoffman!


My Favorite Looks For Summer:

Fresh White-on-White Looks

Maxi’s and rompers.

One piece bathing suits (so hot this year!)

Cute shorts with fun tops are also a must have in hot florida summers!


My SwitchFlop Staple

I am in completely love with the Meredith Rose Gold gladiator flop. The neutral tones and unique blend of style and simplicity means that this flop goes with EVERYTHING. PS: I love to rock my mono snaps with these!

2015 Summer Fashion Trends


Fav Designers This Season

Tracy Negoshian


Mara Hoffman

Ann Taylor Loft (they have some super cute items at an affordable price)


Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Amanda blue

Summer 2015 Fashion Trends: Amanda blue

Switchflops Pair Off

What I Wear With A…

Maxi Dress: Amanda

Capris: Amanda

Shorts: Meredith

Swimwear: Kelli


Trends I’m Avoiding

I love the crop top look that is so in right now, but now that I am a mom I shy away from it. Not sure Burch would want me to show off my belly button. ;-)


Handbag I’m Carrying These Days

Either my Goyard bag or my Ballenciaga. They are my staples! And now that I have kids (who are very messy, they will be my core bags for a few more years!



Toe Polish Go-To

Hot Hot coral!


Accessories I Adore

Accessories can feel hot and sticky in the summertime, so I keep it simple:

*LP Cuffs with my mono snap

*Stella and Lucca bracelets – They fit my wrist really well and are sooooo cute.


This Summer, I Can’t Live Without My….

Flip Flops Foot Repair Cream. It works so well and smells GREAT!!! I use it every night.




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