LP’s Adventures with Baby

10 Jan

Me with Baby Burcham at Christmas :)

Having Burcham has been pure joy and an absolute whirlwind all at the same time! Fortunately for me, I can work from home, but like many of you, I still have emails to respond to, phone conferences, decisions to make, and business-related traveling. Honestly, it is a true balancing act. I feel like I have eight balls in the air and only two hands to catch them with. It’s a ton of work. Not really sure how I am doing it…All I know is that I am doing it! I am lucky to have some family help, and my husband gives me time off at night to get work done.. It is all about multitasking.

  In sharing my adventures in mommyhood, I wanted to include  some photos of the baby’s room. Thinking back on when we first began to work on it, I can’t help but laugh. We were totally unprepared for his birth, since he came 5 weeks early, so his room was not ready when he made his grand entrance. In fact, his crib hadn’t even come in yet!

Our theme for Burcham's room was simply to keep it fun and classic :)

One of the things I did do to make life easier was to buy the majority of his bedroom furniture and accessories on the same day. When I was at market in Atlanta, I headed over to the furniture mart and found a great interior showroom for kids. I picked out everything for Burcham’s room within two hours. It was a one stop shop for me. We started with the crib bedskirt and went from there. There really is no theme to his room, which is why I love it so much. I’m not a big fan of baby blue, so we went with navy and neutrals – very classic.

Baskets keep all of the baby's daily essentials within easy reach.

I have definitely found that the key to the new mommy balancing act is staying as organized as possible. Whatever colors or themes you go with  in your own baby’s room, keeping it clutter free is super important. I keep necessities like diapers and burp cloths easily accessible – I personally love using baskets for this very reason. If you have room for a chair, keep comfort in mind. We chose a reclining chair, which for us is key for those late, late nights. Just remember: make it a room you want to spend time in and keep it really tidy.

I  know that some parents choose to put a spare crib in their bedroom for the first few months. My husband and I decided to put Burcham in his own room as soon as his crib was ready. I think it’s best for him to have his own space and know when his bedtime is.     

My two guys, making good use of the recliner chair!


Speaking of bedtime, I certainly never realized how much I valued sleep until I lost it. Seriously, new parents have got to be the most sleep deprived people on Earth! I guess just like any new mom, I just sleep when I can. I never took maternity leave, so I suppose I’m just getting used to running on limited sleep. Again, I count my blessings that I am able to work from home much of the time – I can wear my Lulu’s around the house all day (seriously, not sure what I would do without them.  They’re so comfortable, it’s like walking on clouds), and sometimes I never make it out of my workout clothes, lol. I must say though – whenever I look down at my beautiful boy and he laughs and smiles at me, I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world…


Steve the Monkey”, a gift from a friend, sits propped up in Burcham’s crib. I’m in love with this….it’s too cute!

 Burcham’s crib could not arrive soon enough!     

Organization is key to making a new mom’s life smoother sailing.

What would I do without baskets? We just had to have these nautical-themed baskets for Burcham’s room!

This is a brass sculpture that I found at a vintage shop. It is one of my favorite pieces.

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