LP’s Spring Fashion Guide featuring Liz

24 Jan

It’s that time of year when many of you are anxiously awaiting spring, but perhaps it won’t be truly warm for another few months. Still, why deprive yourself of all the great spring fashion and colors? That’s where ballet flats come in, like Liz. She’ll keep your toes warm and your outfits fresh. And don’t forget: if it’s a “boot day” due to snow, Liz fits perfectly in your handbag, so you can slip her on at work, indoor events, etc.

We have a great at color assortment for Liz this spring. We’re bringing her to you in bright coral; a pretty, shimmery metallic; a fabulous blue seersucker; and the ever-classic neutral patent. As I’ve always shared with fans, Liz is not only chic and funky, but versatile too. It’s a great idea to have a neutral pair on hand, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself to the more eye-catching colors, which go great with neutral outfits, providing a fun pop of color just where you need it!

Liz Neutral Patent


As I shared with you guys in last week’s blog, this spring is all about bright, funky bottoms and  neutral shoes. Colorful A-line skirts and colored jeans, which will be HUGE this season, pair perfectly with nude ballet flats. You’ll never get bored with this look, and if you’ve ever owned Liz before, you know you won’t grow tired of her endless comfort and support ;)


Liz in Coral


Black & white, stripes, and nautical navy are a great fashion alternative to the brighter colors this season – and they’ll be just as popular. These color combinations are such a class-act! Pair them with coral Liz and you’ll soar from classic to uber fashion savvy. I just love Liz in this color – there are endless outfit combinations with this shoe :)


Liz in Blue Seersucker


Like green, blue is another color that has a shade for every woman. Blue is about as close to nature as you can get – it’s the color of the sky, the ocean, and even some of the most memorable flowers. I wanted to focus on  fresh, spring blues for this year, and I am so excited to launch Liz in this seersucker blue, which is such a traditional spring/summer look! Here, I paired blue seersucker Liz with bright, perwinkle jeans and a yellowy-green skirt, but this Liz will go great with white bottoms, almost any pastel colors, and of course, your blue jeans. I know you will have as much fun wearing her as I do!

H & M knit top
$24 – hm.com

Colored Skinny Jeans

Jenny Bird resin jewelry

Linden Blue & Green Scarf

Liz Ballet Flat Blue Seersucker

Rachel Snap

Bettina Snap



Striped jacket

Skinny jeans

Liz Ballet Flat in Coral

Kellen Snap

Katrin Snap

H & M
$21 – hm.com

Liz Neutral Patent Ballet Flat

Lacy Snap

Cynthia Snap

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  1. Kristen February 7, 2013 at 9:06 pm #

    I’m so excited for the nude flats – I can see them as being my new favorites for the spring. They’ll be a nice contrast to the new greens out this year! And I love the outfit combinations you put together for the coral Liz.

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