LP’s Summer Adventures

29 Aug

Even though it’s been super hot (thank god for flip flops!!), this summer has been one of my most memorable summers ever! It was my first summer season with Burcham, and we’ve had a such great time. He is crawling like crazy so we’ve been chasing each other around the house. I hide and he always finds me!! It’s the little moments like these that are so amazing :)  We took a few family trips, which are so important – even if you’re just going a few hours away, it helps get you into pure family mode for a while. This summer, we headed down to Clearwater Beach a few times, near my parents. It’s nice to bring the baby on a weekend trip, but also nice to not have to travel that far away. Two hours is manageable with a dog and baby!

Burcham also experienced his first official flight…It is crazy to think that with all the traveling that I do this was the first time he had flown! He was an absolute champ. We traveled to the Bahamas where we are fortunate enough to have family.  If you’ve ever been, you know the Bahamas is a much more remote and slower-paced lifestyle. Literally….Living the “island life” style. It is nice to get away, and for some reason I am always so inspired when I am in the Bahamas. Not only is it truly the perfect place for our flops, but the Bahamas is my favorite place to brainstorm and focus on designing!

Then, it was off to the Carolinas. One of my best friends , Kristen, married this summer, and I was so blessed to be her Matron of Honor! We met while studying abroad in 2005 on Semester at Sea and have been very close ever since. Standing by her side as she was getting married is an experience I cannot even explain. It was a busy three days, but we had so much fun!! It was incredible just being able to spend time with Kristen and her lovely family. And it was the most amazing wedding in the world. Kristen has amazing taste and everything was literally perfect!!! Her colors were navy and lavender and the setting was in the middle of the mountains in North Carolina. A tent was built just for the wedding to accommodate the sloping hill. It was something out of this world.

After her wedding, we had a milestone event in our own family with Burcham’s baptism. It was very fun because we did the baptism in the same church where Brantley and I were married! What a great way to get the family together – There were 25 of us and it is always great to celebrate happy occasions with family. :-) We had a brunch after the baptism that was incredible.

In the meantime, I have been SUPER busy with work. This past weekend, Burcham and I just helped launch the all-new Lindsay Phillips Kiosk at the Florida Mall in Orlando – so if you’re in the Orlando area, be sure to stop by! I’ve also been working on and editing the spring 2014 line, and I am so excited to bring even more variety to fans. I am on my second round of edits, and it is really starting to come together. We have been receiving samples weekly and the process continues.

Now I am focused on getting the spring 2014 photoshoot together. It’s a long process and very time consuming, but I LOVE doing it. I have decided on the theme and I am so excited to share it with you when we launch the line. I can’t reveal you the exact theme yet, but it is very Florida and old Florida comes to my mind when I think about it. I am excited to establish the Florida heritage of the brand and take it to an entire new level.  Cheers to the end of summer and what’s to come!

PS: I’d love to hear what Switchflops you all have lived in this summer. My go-to’s have been Kelli and Gwen: both are so comfy and easy with the baby in tow. And I hope you’ve been getting as much wear out of your LP cover-ups as I have – perfect for the heat and walking the beach!

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  1. Diana Coolley September 2, 2013 at 3:20 pm #

    I have worn the Libby Switchflops all summer. I rotate between the camel and black. They are super comfortable and very stylish. My customers love them. I am really excited to see what is next.

    When is the fall catalog coming out, I haven’t received a copy yet.

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