Mom Must-Haves: Lindsay Reveals Her Mommy Survival Tools

16 Oct


As a mom, it’s really easy to become overwhelmed by all of the products available these days….kind of ironic, considering they’re supposed to help simplify our lives! As my grandmother told me the other day while we were sitting at my sister-in law’s shower… “Oh dear, what they have now for babies is unbelievable. We did not have any of these items when your mother was born!”

It really made me think about all of the items I’ve been told to buy the past few years. And guess what? You really don’t need everything they tell you. ;-) This was only even more apparent to me when I went into the baby store a few months ago, and I was amazed at how much has even changed in 2 years! Through trial and error, I’ve quickly figured out what REALLY helps and is worth the space it takes up ;). Here is my list of absolute necessities. Obviously every baby is different, but even after my second time around, all of these items have made my list again.


1. mamaRoo Swing! – This swing makes me and my babies feel like we have won the lotto. Both of my boys have adored this swing, and I don’t know what I would do without it. It has become like a second home for both of them.

2. Orbit Infant Car Seat – This is the most amazing care seat and stroller system for infants. It twists, making it easy to strap the baby into the seat. The entire car seat even comes off and you can place it right on to the stroller, so hauling a baby around so much easier!

3. BOB Double Stroller– This is a huge yes for us. I am a runner and both the kids love this stroller. It is a bit big but perfect for strolling in the neighborhood because it just maneuvers so well, and each of the boys feels like he has his own stroller space.

4. Prince Lionheart Premium Wipes Warmer – my boys LOVE this. They hate being wiped without a warm wipe. I guess you can say I am spoiling them a bit, but they have also not peed on me because the warm wipe helps with this…It’s a win win for both of us. ;-)

5. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets– We have like 30 of these. They are just the best, and if you want a baby to sleep, well, they need to be swaddled.

6. Dr. Brown’s Bottles– These are great for babies that have gas, which I have found is pretty much all the babies I have known.

7. GumDrop Pacifiers– The BEST binkies!

8. Gerber Baby Booties – These are a new find…Actually a gift. I put these on Michael at night and they help keep him comfortable throughout the night. (Bonus – they are really cute!).

9. Mustela Hydra Bebe Lotion– The best baby body lotion on the market – hands down.

10. Calendula Face Cream by Weleda– For those who know me, I am all about face products, and this is the greatest face cream out there for babies…. So I am starting my boys young!



11. Vicks Babyrub Soothing Aroma Ointment– The absolute best before nighttime. This keeps big brother’s germs away…Or at least it mentally does for me ;) Plus it smells good. Just a little dab.

12. The Windi– The best thing on the market for gas. It’s a European-made catheter that helps with constipation, gas, etc. I know it is hard to imagine, but both my boys have been saved by this amazing creation.

13. Boppy Changing Table Mats– These prevent you from having to switch out the changing pad every time, as gross things DO happen on the changing table!

14. SoundSpa Lullaby by Homedic– The best sound machine ever, and it also has a little projection that shows the cow jumping over the moon. My 2 year old now can’t live without this feature.

15. Angel Care Infant Bath– So so awesome. I wish I would have discovered this for Burch. It lets the water go through easily, but I leave it submerged in a little tub water.

16. Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano Gym– We tried about five different mats and this is by far the favorite.….Such a brilliant design! The piano key pad is awesome. He actually plays it.

17. Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer– An instant bottle heater so you don’t need to boil water. (Because who has time for that??)

18. Gerber Baby Washcloths – These are the best…they’re super light and we also use them for burp cloths. I sure do love anything with multi-uses!

19. Comfortable mom shoes to wear in the middle of the night- the LP Karina– this slip on sneaker-style ballet flat is perfect for not stubbing your toe when you are out of it! And it has a little tread, so you can chase toddlers during the day and still be a fashionable super mom ;)

20. The Desoto Scarf– This is a great way to cover up while breast feed, keeping you comfortable (and fashionable) in public all the times. My personal favorite is the black and pink option.




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