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1 Nov

Kate in Tan Python

Hello, dear readers! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to continue to put together these fashion blogs! As busy as I am with the baby, fashion is ALWAYS something I’m willing to make time for :)

This week, I want to explore the functionality behind a good pair of flats. We ladies love our heels, so flats often don’t get the adulation that their more statuesque cousins do. But let’s be honest – heels just aren’t always practical – especially when you’re working and running around. There’s a reason that flats are almost always in the “wardrobe staples” lists that the fashion magazines publish year after year. Do you have a pair you love?

When shopping for the perfect flat, it’s essential to look for something comfortable and professional, yet chic enough that you won’t feel dowdy. I am convinced that the old saying, “You are how you dress” is so true – when you feel well-dressed and stylish, that confidence exudes in everything you do.

You also want to look for a flat that will work great with trouser pants, skirts, dresses, leggings AND jeans. I mention the latter because think of all the times you want to wear jeans, but the occasion calls for more than sneakers. There are SO many great flats out there that just won’t work with all of the above. Strongly consider a peep-toe flat when shopping. Here’s the reason – a peep-toe shoe functions through 3 of the 4 seasons (all if you live in warmer climate). You’ll be wearing your peep-toe flats with shorts in the summer, trouser pants at work in the fall, and capris in the spring. It’s difficult to get the same versatility from a closed-toe shoe.

Kate is one of my favs – she’s one of the few pairs of flats out there that look so great with everything – including jeans and shorts! The peep-toe gives her a subtle flirty feel (not to mention you can show off that pedicure!) and I LOVE her python texture , which gives her the trendy, chic factor we all love – and yet she’s a flat! Plus, as I mentioned above, you’ll wear her three, if not four, seasons. If you already have Kate from a previous season, particularly in tan or black, consider updating her for fall with some of our latest snaps of the season. Pair your black Kate’s with the Joelle snap, or even something more vibrant like Marlena – depending on your look for the day. Paola and Adrianna will easily update your tan Kate’s from last spring. Just remember, keep it simple and keep it fun!

Old Navy crew tee

Kate Tan Python Flats

LP Flannel Handbag

Knit hat

Coconut Cove Blue Scarf



620 Super Skinny J Brand

Kate Black Python Flat

Kate Spade handbag

Stella & Dot Bracelet

LP Firefly Scarf in Brown

LP Firefly Scarf in Purple


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