Put Your Best Foot Forward: Pedi Q & A With Lindsay

11 Apr

What are your favorite toenail polish colors for this spring/summer?

There are a lot of great polish colors to choose from this spring –pastels are especially trendy. I’m really noticing a lot of minty green toes lately – so fun!! I find that it’s best to go for colors that you naturally wear a lot of, so I stick with pink and coral hues. If you’re unsure, go through your closet to assess what colors you wear the most,  and find a similar or compatible color for your toes.

Are you loyal to a particular brand?

I love OPI, Essie, or Deborah Lipman – these are all good-quality polishes that are bubble and chip proof :) I keep these on hand for in-between pedicure touch ups.

We actually have a fun pedicure kit at Lindsay-Phillips.com called the Pedi-Set-Go. I love it – You get a pair of Jordi flips flops and three mini bottles of polish – and it just happens to be on sale!

How important are pedicures?

Since I am in the shoe business, I am always looking down at my feet…..I think of it as part of my job. I’m constantly showing off my shoes, so my toes have to look great. But as much as I adore getting pedicures, they’re honestly not necessary all of the time if you really take care of your feet at home. Follow a good at-home system, and you’ll only need to go for a pedicure once every few months or so. And when you do go, splurge for the paraffin wax….It’s amazing what a difference it will make. If you’re on a budget, just get a polish change, which should be under $10.

What is your prescribed at-home regimen?

Using a good scrub and lotion is essential! I have been using Origins scrub for years. It’s great for your feet and even your legs. A good scrub will help slough away dead skin and keep those rough patches we all hate at bay. As for lotions, I am in love with Cuccio Milk and Honey Butter. I used this thought my entire pregnancy and I can’t live without it….It really helps my legs and feet. I use it everyday.  And once a week, I use Aquaphor Healing Ointment; I slather it on before bed, put on some socks, and let this miracle stuff go to work. This is like a masque for your feet…It really works!

Any pedi no-nos?

I really think it makes a difference to avoid walking around barefoot too much. At home, you’ll almost always see me in slippers or my black Kelli’s…They give me the arch support I need without being too fancy! xoxo

@ The Lindsay Phillips Kiosk in Charlotte

10 Apr

Lindsay had so much fun greeting fans last weekend at the all-new (and first of its kind) Lindsay Phillips Kiosk at South Park Mall in Charlotte, NC!! SO many LP enthusiasts…so many choices ;)

Meet & Greet with Lindsay: The Bronze Lady

1 Apr

This past Saturday, Lindsay met fans at The Bronze Lady in Madeira Beach, Florida. Check out all these lovely ladies updating their spring wardrobes!!!

Look Who’s Blogging About Lindsay Phillips!

29 Mar

Well, shucks – LP has appeared in the social media press again! Fashoenistas, Moms, and Style Experts across the US are head over heels for Lindsay Phillips!!

See why LP is being called Genius:





And To Die For:


The Essential, Comfortable Wedge

28 Mar

Every fashoenista needs a great, comfy wedge sandal to pair with her sundresses, capris, skirts, and shorts. Wedge sandals are an absolute spring & summer fashion staple because the heel helps you achieve a more chic look, while adding length to your frame, and a sassy confidence to your step.

From Nicole to Gwen, we pride ourselves at LP on designing stylish wedge shoes that are both versatile and comfy. Belle - brought back by popular demand – is a core wedge  shoe for the woman who wants a “hip” lift as I call it. Belle is an also EVA wedge. EVA is a thick, environmentally-friendy foam with great shock absorption, which is part of the reason Belle is so super comfortable. So you get the height of a 2 1/2 “ heel, with the comfort of a flip flop. Genius, don’t you think? ;)

Belle’s signature strap this season features polka dots, and as I shared in my Spring Fashion Trends blog, polka dots are huge this season! With colored jeans and patterned pants being so popular this spring, the contrast of polka dots really helps you achieve that pop of color you’re going for.


Here I’ve paired Belle in black with pink straight leg jeans, rolled up so you can show off your wedges, and a simple white tee  matched with a spring-friendly neutral cardigan. I’m all about utilizing your closet staples, so any neutral-colored top and light-weight cardigan or jacket that you have will help achieve this look.  Add a whimsical scarf like the Sunburst Coral scarf shown above or even a funky pair of earrings in a different color family than your bottoms. If you’re really looking to experiment with color, pair Belle with a different strap – either one that brings out the color of your pants, or a complimentary color (Shown above are Celia & Sally). This look is fun, classy, and best of all –EASY!



I love this ensemble featuring our Brown Belle! This is a great example of how you can take a bright, spring-colored dress (like this season’s emerald green), pair it with a fun belt (I went with coral, but any other color or even neutral belt you have in your closet will look just as fab), add some funky, seasonal costume jewelry, and a wedge sandal like Belle.  The color palette that you choose is honestly up to you, but the idea is that you can create many different looks using the same dress and shoes! Keep Belle neutral with a strap like Cassandra OR, go for something more colorful like Lani.


If you haven’t used our mix and match feature @ www.lindsay-phillips.com, you’re really missing out. There are dozens of fun looks you can achieve, whether you’re going for a Classic, Glam, Urban, Sporty, or even Vintage look. Happy matching! xoxo


PS: If the Belle wedge is just a little too high for your taste, consider Taylor wedge, which features the same comfortable EVA footbed, with a smaller  1 1/2” heel.


25 Mar

Check out these most recent & super fun blog reviews of LP shoes!




LP’s Walk on Water Event

18 Mar

Tour de’ LP continued this past Saturday in Winter Park & Lake Mary Florida, where LP greeted fans @ Walk on Water.  How cute is this cake??

Lindsay’s Visit to Opryland!

16 Mar


Yesterday, Lindsay spent the day @ the Lindsay Phillips Store in Opryland to meet & greet fans – her favorite part of running LP! Look at all  those shoes, snaps, straps, and coverups – Things are looking quite colorful!!

LP’s Bride Guide: The Perfect Wedding Shoes

14 Mar

With wedding season approaching, many brides are on the hunt for that perfect wedding shoe for their big day. As a bride once upon a time, I know that as fun as it is to shop bridal shoes, it can also be a little overwhelming. You want to look gorgeous, unique, and stylish but feel confident and comfortable at the same time. And then there’s the  guilt factor? Do most women ever wear their wedding shoes again?

No more worries! There are sooo many benefits to shopping LP for both yourself and bridesmaids. Flip flops, wedge sandals, ballet shoes: we have the perfect bridal shoes for any wedding destination. Especially after the ceremony. It’s all about having fun and dancing the night away. You need comfortable flip flops to switch into! Even better – wear the same sandals on your honeymoon and beyond – just change up the strap or snap! And we have oh so many choices:

Traditional Wedding Shoes

One option is to stay classic with white – and between our Lulu white & Gwen white and this season’s chic selection of elegant rhinestone and pearl-inspired snaps and straps – you have half a dozen options to choose from! For snaps, check out Keiko, Melanie, and Geri. Our bridal straps include Devina, Mitzi, and my personal favorite, Anjali. Our flip flop straps can even be monogrammed.


Blue Wedding Shoes

Having a hard time incorporating blue? Save for your undergarments, it can be very challenging for a bride to sneak blue into her look if it isn’t part of her color scheme. Well how fun would it be if you just added a touch of blue to your wedding shoes? We have a variety of blue snaps, from the subtle & elegant Cassidy to the glimmery & bold Bettina. Check out some of my fav picks for Gwen below. Or consider one of our pretty blue straps like Martina or Patricia. What ever suits YOUR personality and taste.


BOLD Wedding Shoes

Another idea that is SO fun is to consider a more funky wedding flip flop. I love seeing brightly-colored shoes on brides who want that bold pop of color to flash on the dance floor –  it’s so edgy and trend-setting. Why not consider pink or turquoise Kelli or a pair of our Lulu brights?


What About Shoe for Bridesmaids??

I heart LP sandals for Bridesmaids and here’s why: not only can you have a lot of fun with bright, funky options, but LP shoes can double as bridesmaid gifts! Surprise your besties with a pair of LP sandals AND a few extra snaps and straps so they can continue wearing their shoes after your wedding day!

We really have you covered with a ton of wedge, flip flop, and ballet shoe options for your girls. The Gwen wedge is always a classic – and don’t forget that she comes in black, red, gold, and stone in addition to white. Kelli and Lulu flip flops are perfect for a more laid-back theme. Choose colorful, personalized snaps or straps for each bridesmaid, or stick to the same snap/strap that matches your wedding theme or colors for continuity. It’s honestly up to you! Get inspired with our mix and match feature @ www.lindsay-phillips.com.

LP Favors

If  you’re looking for fabulous favors for your wedding guests, why not consider LP flip flops? They’re fun, memorable, and trust me on this – no one’s going to throw them out at the end of the night! This is the gift that keeps on giving. Your female guests will absolutely adore them.


As you shop for that perfect wedding shoe, remember: it’s your day. One of my favorite bridal trends right now is  is customization of colors to the bride’s favorite colors. I used pink and orange because they represent who I am as a person. Go with what speaks to you and you can’t go wrong. And don’t forget to take advantage of  our mix and match feature @ www.lindsay-phillips.com. xoxo

The Latest LP Shoe Reviews

6 Mar

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