Behind the Scenes: The LP Spring ’14 Photo Shoot

7 Nov

I am so thrilled with this year’s spring shoot – we actually shot at three separate locations, including a private orange grove estate in Clearwater and a fruit stand.  From day one, we established LP as a Florida brand, but I feel like we’ve really taken it to the next level. Orange groves are a part of Florida history – I used to pass orange groves on the way to school everyday. There’s really no fruit that better represents Florida than the orange – bright, colorful, glowing, and full of flavor :) Like oranges, LP too is quintessential Florida; it just seemed natural to bring them together…

Our theme for this spring is A Slice of Sunshine. Everyday when I wake up,  I look for the sunshine – both literally and figuratively. To me, this year’s theme  just really captures the brand and the LP lifestyle – it’s about fun, it’s about color, it’s about happiness. I look for the sunshine and the bright side with everything in life. Even in the grayest of skies, one must still look for the positive.

I want LP to be thought of like you would think of an umbrella drink company – when you wear your LP’s, it is all about being relaxed happy and carefree. Even the process of deciding on your shoe and snap/strap combination is something to look forward to each day – it’s one thing that’s never tedious because of all the possibilities. LP truly is a slice of sunshine in your day!!

We also did a day of studio shooting, so we could focus solely on the shoes, snaps, and straps. These studio shots are how we bring you the crisp web images that you see when you search and shop You can expect to see some new shoe styles and some fabulous straps, snaps and cover ups. We have also added our core shoes in many more colors!!! xoxo

A lemonade stand that we made as part our Spring 2014 photo shoot - so fun!


The LP Brand is synonymous with umbrella drinks...happy and carefree :-)


A sneak peek at one of our new styles!





Exclusive Preview of our Spring 2014 Snaps!


We went for a much more classic look during this shoot...check out the cat eye glasses!


Our "Florida Glam" Wardrobe was amazing!



One of our newest cover-ups for spring!


Setting up an in-studio photo shoot. Watermelon, anyone? ;-)


New Libby Flavors!


One last sneak peek - It wouldn't be spring without colorful new straps!









LP’s Baby Turns One!

22 Oct

It is so hard to believe that Baby Burcham is already one!  This whole year just happened so fast – It feels like yesterday that I was pregnant. Being a mom this past year has been an amazing feeling:  the love I feel for Burcham is a different kind of love than I have ever felt.


To ring in his first official year, we had a little party for him and celebrated with friends and family. At first I did not want to do a theme, and then it kind of morphed into a pirate theme… “A pirate turns one” concept ;-) Themes are always great for photo opportunities, but my favorite part of the day was just being with our families. So many generations all in one room! Burcham has 5 great-grandparents, which amazes me. We truly feel blessed.

It has been an incredible year and at the same time a life-altering year. I have changed in so many ways because of him. Honestly, the first thing I did was thank my parents. Being a parent is not only a full time job -  it is a life changer! It has been hard being a mom who is constantly on the go and working around the clock…Multi-tasking should be my first name! Yet somehow it has also balanced me out.

I’m often asked by fans if I have any advice for new moms. Now that I’ve officially done the mommy thing for a whole year now, I feel like I could write a book!. Here are my top tips:

1. Don’t get worked up about things you can’t control.
2. With a baby, you have to take it one day at a time. Some days are fabulous and amazing, and others are…challenging to say the least. Don’t try to project ahead, or you’ll overwhelm yourself,  which brings me to number 3:
3. Breathe.
4. It takes a village to raise a baby, and it also is important to have family around. I honestly don’t know what I would do without my mom, my mother-in-law, and extended family.
5. It’s all about teamwork…
6. Don’t read blogs or research every little thing. Instead, listen to your baby and use your gut feelings to figure out what to do.
7. Don’t worry about germs….Kids are kids and they are bound to get sick and be surrounded by germs.
8. Switchflops are a life saver…seriously. I think I must have channeled my future self when I invented them. Stilettos don’t work with babies. I live in my Kelli’s, Gwen’s, and Liz flats. Even if there’s spit-up on my top, I can always say that I put my best foot forward, each and every day! xoxo, LP.

Burcham with "the boys"!

No party is complete without good food...


Burcham's first official sugar buzz :-)

Burcham in his new ride - already learning to break for animals!


Autumn in New York

1 Oct

This past month, I flew to NYC to meet with some vendors and work on LP fall 2014!! It is always great to see what’s going in in the marketplace, and I am always SO inspired when I go to NYC. It’s a great place to trend watch as I call it!

Interestingly enough, I flew into New York on September 11. To be honest, it was very hard to get on the plane; the hardest part for me was thinking about those who died just living their normal everyday lives. But it also felt great to honor those of the past AND to stand up for freedom.  My goal is to never live in fear. I feel very blessed having the opportunity to be a female entrepreneur living in the US…

Once we touched down and I headed out into NYC, thing first thing I noticed was the surge of energy I felt! The energy is so contagious. It is such a fast-paced lifestyle and it gets me moving and thinking. I also love looking at all of the fall styles and colors. This year, I saw a lot of cranberry shades, as well as blue, and black & white. They are all hot hot hot. So is mixing suede and patent leather. I immediately thought of patent leather Liz, and our Nicole black wedge :)

Autumn is a very transitional time in the city. It’s crisp and cool without being too cold. It gets me excited about cooler weather, which is unusual, considering I like warm weather. But, like I said…NYC just affects you and it’s great to go when I can and get inspired for upcoming LP designs!

Oh – speaking of LP…the craziest thing happened to me during my trip! I ran into an LP fan  - Heather – in the meat packing district which is a super fashionable area in the city. I actually noticed her Liz ballet flats, so I knew I had to introduce myself!! It was so great….Nothing makes me happier and puts a smile on my face than running into someone I see wearing LP shoes (: It turned out that she is a huge LP fan and is actually a pretty well known food blogger. Check out her blog The Culinary Chase when you get a chance. Great stuff!

As if I didn’t have enough excitement during my trip, I also caught up with my two bff’s who happen to live in the city. We went to dinner at The Beatrice Inn, this fabulous restaurant in West Village – and caught up over great food and drinks. I was actually able to stay with one of these friends who is also recently engaged (!!)…so it was great to spend some quality time with her. It’s so important to stay connected with friends no matter how busy we get with work and family. Old friends are absolute gold  – they remind us of where we come from and how far we’ve come. It’s amazing to watch each other grow and pursue dreams.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. I was anxious to get back home to see my family again and return to working on the Spring 2014 line, which I am so beyond excited about! But for now,  Fall 2013 is right around the corner, and I can’t wait for you guys to see our new line…stay tuned! xoxo LP

PS: Below are some photos of my recent travels to meet LP Fans!

At the LP Store in Opryland!


I love that LP has fans of all ages - so fun!


Greetings from LP in Opryland!


How fun is this look??


Meet and Greet at the fabulous Molly's in Sarasota


Decisions, Decisions!

LP’s Summer Adventures

29 Aug

Even though it’s been super hot (thank god for flip flops!!), this summer has been one of my most memorable summers ever! It was my first summer season with Burcham, and we’ve had a such great time. He is crawling like crazy so we’ve been chasing each other around the house. I hide and he always finds me!! It’s the little moments like these that are so amazing :)  We took a few family trips, which are so important – even if you’re just going a few hours away, it helps get you into pure family mode for a while. This summer, we headed down to Clearwater Beach a few times, near my parents. It’s nice to bring the baby on a weekend trip, but also nice to not have to travel that far away. Two hours is manageable with a dog and baby!

Burcham also experienced his first official flight…It is crazy to think that with all the traveling that I do this was the first time he had flown! He was an absolute champ. We traveled to the Bahamas where we are fortunate enough to have family.  If you’ve ever been, you know the Bahamas is a much more remote and slower-paced lifestyle. Literally….Living the “island life” style. It is nice to get away, and for some reason I am always so inspired when I am in the Bahamas. Not only is it truly the perfect place for our flops, but the Bahamas is my favorite place to brainstorm and focus on designing!

Then, it was off to the Carolinas. One of my best friends , Kristen, married this summer, and I was so blessed to be her Matron of Honor! We met while studying abroad in 2005 on Semester at Sea and have been very close ever since. Standing by her side as she was getting married is an experience I cannot even explain. It was a busy three days, but we had so much fun!! It was incredible just being able to spend time with Kristen and her lovely family. And it was the most amazing wedding in the world. Kristen has amazing taste and everything was literally perfect!!! Her colors were navy and lavender and the setting was in the middle of the mountains in North Carolina. A tent was built just for the wedding to accommodate the sloping hill. It was something out of this world.

After her wedding, we had a milestone event in our own family with Burcham’s baptism. It was very fun because we did the baptism in the same church where Brantley and I were married! What a great way to get the family together – There were 25 of us and it is always great to celebrate happy occasions with family. :-) We had a brunch after the baptism that was incredible.

In the meantime, I have been SUPER busy with work. This past weekend, Burcham and I just helped launch the all-new Lindsay Phillips Kiosk at the Florida Mall in Orlando – so if you’re in the Orlando area, be sure to stop by! I’ve also been working on and editing the spring 2014 line, and I am so excited to bring even more variety to fans. I am on my second round of edits, and it is really starting to come together. We have been receiving samples weekly and the process continues.

Now I am focused on getting the spring 2014 photoshoot together. It’s a long process and very time consuming, but I LOVE doing it. I have decided on the theme and I am so excited to share it with you when we launch the line. I can’t reveal you the exact theme yet, but it is very Florida and old Florida comes to my mind when I think about it. I am excited to establish the Florida heritage of the brand and take it to an entire new level.  Cheers to the end of summer and what’s to come!

PS: I’d love to hear what Switchflops you all have lived in this summer. My go-to’s have been Kelli and Gwen: both are so comfy and easy with the baby in tow. And I hope you’ve been getting as much wear out of your LP cover-ups as I have – perfect for the heat and walking the beach!

Top 5 Summer Fashion Trends

25 Jul

If your a fashionista like me, it’s always fun to talk about the upcoming fall season, but let’s face it: we’re still in the thick of summer with a good 6-8 weeks left (or even longer, depending on where you live). I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the life out of summer by incorporating all the latest summer trends into my style. This is a very versatile season with something for every LP gal out there…



Literally everywhere I have gone this summer, I’ve seen this look and absolutely love it! It’s so classic-American. Think sea-inspired looks, anchors, ropes, stripes, navy, etc.

Here I’ve paired Devon in Denim and Liz in Blue Seersucker with navy shorts from Mango and a sleeveless white tie shirt. Add a neutral cardigan, and it’s a perfect transition for the office. I’m also a fan of nautical-striped bottoms like the jersey maxi skirt by J.Crew, also featured above. Pair with the same white tie shirt or a basic tank, plus a great flip flop like Lulu in Navy and voila – nautical chic. You can complete virtually any outfit consisting of white or blue-hued tops with a white, navy, or neutral switchflop and snap/strap, such as gold Gwen with the Baylee snap and easily achieve the nautical look with minimal effort. Less time dressing equals more time shopping, right? (;


Coral Crush

I’ve had a love affair with coral since before I can remember. Fifty percent of my closet is coral – it’s like a neutral for me because it can be worn with almost every other color. It is such an essential summer shade, whether you go all out with a coral top, bottoms, and dresses or you just accessorize with it.

Treat yourself to a fun coral top that you can wear with jeans, pants, and shorts, and if you really love this color, consider adding a coral dress to your wardrobe as well. You’ll be the trendiest gal in the office, and there’s no need to change for date night! I love love love Liz in coral because no matter what you have on, you achieve a fun, summery pop of color. Consider adding a coral-hued snap or strap to your collection as well – such as Tia, Lorna, Lacy, or Mona.  Coral is just that kind of color that will look great with pretty much any of your switchflops, and you always look like a breath of fresh  summer.


White on White

White is such a cool, crisp color that always looks classy, and that’s why I love to see white on white. White is a great neutral and you can easily transition into fall time with this fabulous color.

I’m a big fan of dresses for the spring & summer season, like the one by BCBG featured above – they look so feminine and flatter every figure. White jeans or capris will go far as well – pair them with a white tank and lightweight cardigan, or a pretty, feminine blouse. White is such a huge summer go-to, so if you’re still building your LP wardrobe, definitely add a white switchflop to your collection -  such as white Gwen (shown above) or Lulu white – or  a chic white strap or snap, like the Kellen or Devina.



Tropical for me is a lifestyle. Think of the rainforest, the feeling of hot mist, and lots of green. Do not be afraid to do bold, bright pops of colors this season!

If you find a fun tropical dress, go for it! But you don’t have to incorporate big palm leaves and floral prints to rock the tropical look…just think brightly-colored tops or bottoms or even a fun LP coverup, like the one shown above, that you can wear alone or pair with white jeans. As for shoes, practically anything LP can pass for tropical, but I can’t help but favor a more cork-looking shoe, like the Brenna Wedge switchflop featured above, or the Libby. And don’t forget Lulu Brights and all the fun Kelli colors like pink and turquoise! Or, you can update neutral switchflops you already own with some new colorful straps that just ooze tropical, like the Liesel and Chelsea straps (shown above).


Mellow Yellow

Canary Yellow is so in this season – and that’s a good thing! It’s not only THE ultimate summer color, but it’s a color that works for everyone.

I’ve given you a lot of ideas above for incorporating this bright, snazzy color. Buy a fun pair of yellow jeans, or stick to a pretty yellow top or cardigan that you can pair with jeans or neutral bottoms. I can’t tell you how many times I turn to my yellow snaps and straps, such as Portia, Kaylee, Meagan, or Stacey, in the summertime – instant pop of summer color, and again, virtually no effort. If you really want to have fun, consider our Lulu Brights in yellow. These to me are just quintessentially the LP lifestyle.


I can’t emphasize to you enough the importance of using our mix and match feature at Whether you normally shop online or purchase LP at your favorite local retailer, this feature allows you to pick your core pair of switchflops and “try on” the large variety of LP straps and snaps that we carry. So survery your wardrobe, grab your favorite umbrella drink, and spend a fun afternoon finding your perfect switchflop combinations. Cheers to  Summer! xoxo