Discover a Smart and Unique Footwear

24 May

New to Lindsay Phillips SwitchFlops?  Take a look at how unique and smart this footwear is!

Ever dreamed of designing your own shoe?  Now you can!  Lindsay Phillips has two interchangeable systems, our snap system (comes with an interchangeable snap!) and our strap system (comes with an interchangeable strap!)

Meet Lulu….the original SwitchFlop


All Lindsay Phillips strap shoes come with a coordinating signature strap.  Change up your look by simply swapping out the patented velcro strap.  It only takes a few seconds to have a completely new pair of shoes!


In addition to the having the ability to completely transform your look with just the change of a strap (or snap!) you will love the quality and comfort of SwitchFlops!  With built in arch support, ribbon tongue thongs (for extra comfort between the toes!), and some yoga mat footbeds, you will be walking on cloud nine!  Once you switch to SwitchFlops you will never go back!


One shoe…endless possibilities!

So get  started….pick your favorite shoe then grab some of your favorite snaps (or straps)!


Want to play around and find your perfect look?  Have fun using our Mix and Match feature for snap shoes and strap shoes!  Keep it neutral or add some flair!

For the ultimate SwitchFlop lover, check out our snap-straps.  A unique way to double the use of your snaps!  Combine your favorite snaps with a snap-strap and design your ultimate shoe!


Beach vacation ahead?  SwitchFlops are the perfect fit!  One pair of shoes plus a few snaps or straps and you have multiple looks!  Check out our travel bag collection to help make packing a breeze!


So remember…..Change your look not your sole!