Behind the Shoe: Meet Mitzi

12 Mar


Lindsay Phillips never forgets a name. Not just limited to close friends and family, she stamps each shoe style with a name that pays homage to practically every person who’s ever touched her life: from the first boutique that ever sold her switchflops, to family members of friends, and even the LP staff!

This season, LP dedicated one of her newest and most favorite styles to her upbeat graphic designer, Mitzi. We were fortunate to catch Mitzi in a moment when she wasn’t making some graphic magic (which isn’t often – this designing diva is a creative whirlwind!!) to get to know the name behind one of LP’s best designs to date.


Favorite Tropical Drink?  

Anything grapefruit!  I love tart & sour flavors, so a little pinot grigio, grapefruit juice, and club soda hits the spot for me.


Item You Can’t Leave Home Without?

Okay, I can’t just narrow it to one…I am a girl!

~AVA Body lip balm

~ Creme de Earl Grey tea bags (stashed in my car, purse, laptop case, etc)

~ Le Pen pens

~ Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream 

~ My laptop (of course)!


What Inspires You?

The past.  I love mid-century modern artwork and architecture; the forms and proportions have informed so many of our design standards.  



Snaps or Straps?

Snaps. I have a hard time finding ballet flats for my narrow feet, but the Liz (and now Tracy) fit perfectly. My favorite snap-to-date is the Sallie bow snap. But the Claire is a close 2nd.


A Quote You Live By

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape”.  I’m not sure who said this, but flexibility is key!  And of course, the golden rule (Matt 7:12): do to others what you would have them do to you.


Shade of Mitzi and Snaps You’re Most Likely to Be Seen Wearing?

Black with the original snap.  Although it looks great with the Braelynn and Monica.


Favorite Getaway Spot?

Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  Perfect waves for surfing and a low-key vibe.  

384459_10101141129544109_607420023_n (1)


Anything on a board: wakeboarding, longboarding, snowboarding, SUP, etc.  After working at a desk most of the day, it is nice to get out and get active.  


What’s Your Fashion Style?

Clean, graphic minimalist mixed with art-inspired brights. Simple black and white everything with a pop-of-color accent piece, such as a bright snap, a bold lip color, or a neon clutch.



What Do You Love Most About Your Work at LP?

I enjoy working with such a positive group of people!  Everyone works so well together, whether it is on a photoshoot or simply putting together an email.  Having a positive and encouraging attitude makes work not feel like, well, work!


It’s not hard to see why LP named this quintessentially comfy, yet spunky, vintage-inspired shoe  after our very own graphics guru. A comfort to be around, warm, and fun-loving, you can always count on Mitzi for a little artistic flair, mixed with sunny charm. Cheers!




Tying It Together: Vintage With An Edge

4 Mar

spring 2015 style fashion


Our 2015 Salute to Vintage: a mid-century-modern-cut dress and funky snap shoes inspired straight after the Mad Men era, spiced up with some motorcycle mayhem. We’ll take that Manhattan with a twist, please. #girlyfunk #rockonpreppie


Get The Look:

Dress – Nordstrom Rack

Jacket- Joie

Vintage Snap Shoes – “Mitzi” by Lindsay Phillips (shown here in coral; also available in tan or black)

Necklace – personal


Tying It Together: Dressed-up Smart

25 Feb

spring 2015 style fashion


Day dress-turned-evening wear: Make an effortless yet put-together transition from the office to date night with a fun LBD, coordinating blazer, and the all-new Lacey Snakeskin Slingback Flat (shown here in neutral).


Get The Look:

Dress – H&M

Jacket- H&M

Slingback Shoes – “Lacey” by Lindsay Phillips

Bracelets – H&M


Tying It Together: Strut Your Inner Boho

18 Feb

Boho Style


Groundhogs…step aside. Nothing signals warmer times ahead like our all-new bohemian slip-on Hope Espadrille flat! A drop of easy peasy with rays of golden boho warmth. Now that’s swank.

Get The Look:

Sweater – H&M

Pants – H&M

Shoes – “Hope” by Lindsay Phillips

Earrings – Coralia Leets

Necklace- Chloe Lane

Behind the Scenes: Spring 2015 Photo Shoot

12 Feb

This year, it’s all about sun, fun, and (drum roll please)… Good Vibrations (Om bop bop… Are you feeling excitations?)  We recently sat down with Lindsay to talk about the new spring season – scroll down to read about all her new fav styles and for a sneak peek at our behind-the-scenes photo shoot!

What inspired you for this year’s theme – Good Vibrations?

Good Vibrations really just goes hand in hand with the LP brand – it’s all about sun, sand, and fun times ahead. It also just worked incredibly well with the location that we picked out – The Post Card Inn on St. Pete Beach. I am hoping this is on everyone’s to do list when they visit Florida because it is such a unique place! It has a very retro vibe, with a 1950’s kind of feel. It’s literally like stepping back in time!



Tell us about the Photo Shoot…

What an action-packed two days! We were up at dawn and did not stop shooting until sunset. There were just so many new styles to capture this season! But the location – St. Pete Beach – was just amazing. We were poolside at the inn, as you’ll see in a lot of the pics!

Lindsay hams it up poolside with Robyn monogrammable snaps.

Lindsay takes a quick photo shoot break, hamming it up with Robyn monogrammable snaps.

What new shoe styles are you most pumped about this season?

My two personal new favorites are the Amanda and the Mitzi. Amanda is our newest snakeskin texture t-strap with a one-inch heel and leather-like footbed. She comes in two lighter shades of turquoise and tan that just scream spring time, and fans are already going crazy over her! Mitzi is a little more dressy and super retro with her ankle strap and two-inch platform heel. We’re debuting Mitzi in the classics – tan, black, and of course coral  – a staple color in the switchflop family ;) She is a really fun shoe that’s going to get a lot of attention this season.

But that’s not all – what I am really excited for this season are the the kids shoes!! Yep, we’re offering them again and they are sooooo cute. They actually come in bundles, so you get two pairs of straps with each pink or black switchflop set, plus access to six additional pairs of straps that we carry, featuring polka dots, flowers, or butterflies. Super girly, of course ;-)

Hello Sunshine -  Kids shoes are back and better than ever!!

Hello Sunshine – Kids shoes are back and better than ever!!


This spring brings in another non-snap shoe…Hope. Why did you decide to go with this slip on style?

When we were at our line set meeting we really just loved this shoe….It did not look right with a snap on it, so we went ahead and added it to the line anyway. This trendy style is popular for a reason – easy to slip on, looks great with shorts, capris, and jeans, and very laid back.  I am so happy to offer our fans something different…we get so many compliments on the comfort and quality of the LP line, and it’s just remarkable that our non-snap/strap shoes are always just as popular as the switchflops!

Kaleidoscope of Color - new & traditional Styles alike all lined up and ready for the camera...

Kaleidoscope of Color – New & traditional styles all lined up and ready for the camera…


What kind of feedback have you been getting on the spring line?

We have been getting some amazing feedback. Everyone loves all of the new shoes, and they’re really taken with the dressier styles that we’re launching.

Setting up the perfect shot for our glitzy Mitzi snap shoe.

Setting up the perfect shot for our glitzy Mitzi snap shoe.


What LP shoe styles are you wearing a lot this season?

My three staples – Rosie GoldMeredith Gold and Megan Tan. We just have so much to offer this season, I can’t wait to hear what fans choose as part of their core spring & summer collection. xoxo ~ LP

Pretty in Blue – Liz and Lindsay strike a pose in the newest switchflop styles – Janet Cork (Liz) and Megan Tan (Lindsay)


Before & After –

Scroll down for a look at more behind the scene photos, followed by the final image we chose to go with! Click on each photo for a more up-close look at each style…

Croquet anyone? Lining up the perfect shot for Liz Burnished Coral

Croquet anyone? Lining up the perfect shot for Liz Burnished Coral



Angling for the perfect shot...

Angling for a unique shot of Megan Coral

Final (Megan Coral)

Final (Megan Coral)

Capturing all the new glam-my snaps.

Capturing all the glammy new snaps.



It's just not official without a cameo from this guy. Now that's a wrap!

It’s just not official without a cameo from this guy. Now that’s a wrap!