Hot off-the-Cuff: 10 Perfect Cuff Looks to Try This Season

13 Nov

Gold & Silver Cuffs

LP snaps…Is there anything easier or more stylish?? That’s why we were thrilled to launch the Chloe Cuff this season – just one more way to bring on the bling! If you’ve added Chloe silver or gold to your collection, we know you’re having a blast with this whole new level of texture, color, and style. There are soo0 many different looks you can achieve with the Chloe Cuff snap system that it’s sure to be just as much a jewelry staple as your favorite bangles! Scroll down & get inspired!!


1. Signature Snazzy


Monograms are no longer just for charms around your neck…rock those beautiful initials of yours in bold colors right on your arm! This takes unforgettable style to a whole new level. How do we do it? Start off with the stylish Robyn snap base, bring it to your local monogrammer, or use the link below!

Featured Above: Robyn Snap with monogram (compliments of Chloe Lane Boutique) with gold cuff. No local monogram shop? Get your monogrammed Robyn snap set here for $28.

2. On the GO! Team Spirit:


Fashionistas everywhere are rejoicing the launch of our new team spirit snap line – rock your favorite school or team colors at the office, on date night, or just…whenever. With our new cuff additions, you can support your team subtly or add even more team flare than ever before. No matter if your style is loud or soft, be sure to add your fav team snaps to your cuff collection!

Featured Above: Crimson & White team snap on the silver Cuff. Find your team colors here.


3.  Holiday Haute:


Ugly sweater parties are fun…but what about festive fashionable style? Show your spirit this season with our festive  snaps for a simple, but merry look you can incorporate with any outfit (no holiday cardigans required…we promise ;)

Shown Above: Frosty Snap on Gold. Psst…don’t forget about Ethel (turkey), Lucy (ruby & pearls-inspired), Jolly (yep…as in Old St. Nick) and Alessandra (snowflake) too!


4. POP of Color…


One of our most favorite features of Chloe is the ability to add even more unexpected pops of color and texture to your style. Chloe is the cuff you can wear everyday but with all those snaps you’ve got in your collection, no one will know! The number of snap sets you have is the number of cuff looks you can now create. What can we say – endless possibilities…one chic cuff.

Shown Above: Caden Snap with Chloe Gold Cuff. Click here for more inspiration….


5. Earthy Chic:


Sometimes it’s all about the neutrals… Rock the brown & beige beads & natural turquoise stones with our more earthy-themed snaps like Rissa and Loretta, and achieve that folksy look you’re going for in one second snap.

Featured Look: Johny Snap on Silver Chloe Cuff


6. Animal Instincts


Show your love for marine life with your fav animal bling. Whether you’re sporting a turtle shell, funky fish snap or even fun-lovin dolphin, this adds a dash of texture with a whole lot of charm.

Get the Look: Melinda Snap on Gold

7. Elegant Event:


Go ahead – glam it up. You don’t need pricey baubles for that wedding, New Year’s Event, or opulent affair. Add one of our fancy dancy snaps and you’ll look polished & refined in a snap. Our fav suggestions: Braelynn, Ivanka, Cailyn.

Featured Above: Whitney Snap on Silver Chloe.


8. Super Feminine: Take a Bow


In a super girly kinda mood? With LP, you’re never too old for bows!

Super Girly Snap Looks: Sallie (gold bow) Snap on Chloe Gold,  Edithe (pink gemstone)

Get the Look: Blanche Snap on Chloe Gold Cuff


9. Shape Up


Feeling funky? Sometimes all you need is to change shape for a fresh fashion perspective. Try something different like octagonal Klaudia or cross-themed Antoine.

Featured Look: Vivian Snap on Gold


10. Flower Power


Fun florals always make a statement. Add the ultimate feminine flair with a flower-shaped snap that’s sure to have you shouting “I LOVE being a girl!”

Flower-inspired Snaps we can’t get enough of: Cissy, Kortina, Roseanne, & Melody.

Featured Above: Breahna Snap with Chloe Silver.



Tying It Together: Team Spirit

11 Nov



Whether you’re at the office, on date night, or just ‘cuz, rocking your team spirit style is as easy as jeans and a tee – but oh so much more chic…


Get the Look:

Rosie Neutral Snakeskin Switchflops.

Orange & Blue Interchangeable Snaps

Nikki Orange Shift Dress by Tracy Negoshian

Blue Jean Jacket @ Old Navy

Beaded Necklace from Chloe Lane Boutique


Fall Fashion – The Art of Neutral Layering

30 Oct

Let's Fall For Fall

Fall is all about color and that includes all the crisp shades of neutral: Think creamy whites, soft beiges & rich tans, and don’t forget those pops of gold! Nope, nothing is more classic fall than rocking the full spectrum of neutral. Like the timeless beauties of the past, neutrals are soft & feminine but never understated.

Beyond color, nothing screams “Hello, Fall” more than layers, layers, and more layers! At Lindsay Phillips, we’re all about endless possibilities and effortless style, so layers go right along with our motto of keeping it simple and fun. Layering is just as easy as switching out the snaps on your switchflops and you really just need a few staples like the one’s we’re featuring this week from ModCloth!

Start with a pair of dark wash straight leg or skinny ankle jeans, like these Front Row Fashionista Jeans from Mod Cloth. Add a smooth, light neutral tank (preferably with a little length to it, like this A Layer to Love Tank in Eggshell, which pairs perfectly under sheer blouses or even LP Cover-ups-turned-dresses-&-tops). Top these basics with a cropped sweater, cardigan, or tunic, either tucking in your tank or leaving it out to help smooth your curves and add comfort, length, and coverage.

Where you go from here is up to you and of course, the weather! We embrace fall in the south just as much as anyone, but with our fall weather still at a balmy 70-plus degrees, the key to layers is keeping them light– think sleeveless blouses like this ModCloth charmer with a navy & cream print that infuses the classic fall plaid texture with neutral colors, all on a semi-sheer lightweight fabric – perfect!

We Florida gals are never one to turn down a light sweater or cardigan – the perfect staple to keep us cozy in the air conditioning and evening beach breezes. Look for a lightweight sweater with a clever chunky texture vibe, like this super chic Chai There Cardigan – with its varied knit patterns, this cardi gives the look of a fall sweater without the heaviness. And by the way, if you want to add a few more staple cardis to your closet, don’t forget to scope out ModCloth’s entire collection! Next, don’t forget to spice it up with cinnamon-colored booties! We’re having a blast with the new LP Leah Ankle Boot, made of soft perforated suede for subtle texture that goes a long way. Just roll up your jeans so the top of Leah sits just below the cuff, and you’re almost done!

No autumn ensemble is complete without the final touches of gold and nature-inspired texture, like these unique honeycomb earrings. Pull your whole look together with a few gold pops of gold near your hands, like this funky v-shaped gold knuckle ring set and our gold interchangeable cuff, shown here with our all-new Robyn  snap that you can have monogrammed so your fall style always bears your personal stamp!

Our Fav Fall Layering Must-Haves


Chai There Cardigan

Knit Tank

Dark-wash jeans

Leah Tan Ankle Booties

Knuckle Jewelry

Bohemian Earrings

Mom Must-Haves: Lindsay Reveals Her Mommy Survival Tools

16 Oct


As a mom, it’s really easy to become overwhelmed by all of the products available these days….kind of ironic, considering they’re supposed to help simplify our lives! As my grandmother told me the other day while we were sitting at my sister-in law’s shower… “Oh dear, what they have now for babies is unbelievable. We did not have any of these items when your mother was born!”

It really made me think about all of the items I’ve been told to buy the past few years. And guess what? You really don’t need everything they tell you. ;-) This was only even more apparent to me when I went into the baby store a few months ago, and I was amazed at how much has even changed in 2 years! Through trial and error, I’ve quickly figured out what REALLY helps and is worth the space it takes up ;). Here is my list of absolute necessities. Obviously every baby is different, but even after my second time around, all of these items have made my list again.


1. mamaRoo Swing! – This swing makes me and my babies feel like we have won the lotto. Both of my boys have adored this swing, and I don’t know what I would do without it. It has become like a second home for both of them.

2. Orbit Infant Car Seat – This is the most amazing care seat and stroller system for infants. It twists, making it easy to strap the baby into the seat. The entire car seat even comes off and you can place it right on to the stroller, so hauling a baby around so much easier!

3. BOB Double Stroller- This is a huge yes for us. I am a runner and both the kids love this stroller. It is a bit big but perfect for strolling in the neighborhood because it just maneuvers so well, and each of the boys feels like he has his own stroller space.

4. Prince Lionheart Premium Wipes Warmer – my boys LOVE this. They hate being wiped without a warm wipe. I guess you can say I am spoiling them a bit, but they have also not peed on me because the warm wipe helps with this…It’s a win win for both of us. ;-)

5. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets- We have like 30 of these. They are just the best, and if you want a baby to sleep, well, they need to be swaddled.

6. Dr. Brown’s Bottles- These are great for babies that have gas, which I have found is pretty much all the babies I have known.

7. GumDrop Pacifiers- The BEST binkies!

8. Gerber Baby Booties – These are a new find…Actually a gift. I put these on Michael at night and they help keep him comfortable throughout the night. (Bonus – they are really cute!).

9. Mustela Hydra Bebe Lotion- The best baby body lotion on the market – hands down.

10. Calendula Face Cream by Weleda- For those who know me, I am all about face products, and this is the greatest face cream out there for babies…. So I am starting my boys young!



11. Vicks Babyrub Soothing Aroma Ointment- The absolute best before nighttime. This keeps big brother’s germs away…Or at least it mentally does for me ;) Plus it smells good. Just a little dab.

12. The Windi- The best thing on the market for gas. It’s a European-made catheter that helps with constipation, gas, etc. I know it is hard to imagine, but both my boys have been saved by this amazing creation.

13. Boppy Changing Table Mats- These prevent you from having to switch out the changing pad every time, as gross things DO happen on the changing table!

14. SoundSpa Lullaby by Homedic- The best sound machine ever, and it also has a little projection that shows the cow jumping over the moon. My 2 year old now can’t live without this feature.

15. Angel Care Infant Bath- So so awesome. I wish I would have discovered this for Burch. It lets the water go through easily, but I leave it submerged in a little tub water.

16. Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano Gym- We tried about five different mats and this is by far the favorite.….Such a brilliant design! The piano key pad is awesome. He actually plays it.

17. Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer- An instant bottle heater so you don’t need to boil water. (Because who has time for that??)

18. Gerber Baby Washcloths – These are the best…they’re super light and we also use them for burp cloths. I sure do love anything with multi-uses!

19. Comfortable mom shoes to wear in the middle of the night- the LP Karina- this slip on sneaker-style ballet flat is perfect for not stubbing your toe when you are out of it! And it has a little tread, so you can chase toddlers during the day and still be a fashionable super mom ;)

20. The Desoto Scarf- This is a great way to cover up while breast feed, keeping you comfortable (and fashionable) in public all the times. My personal favorite is the black and pink option.




Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

25 Sep

liz_blue_crackle_metallic_bench Pumpkin lattes, rich, vibrant colors, new patterns & textures – fall is definitely here! No one gets more geared up about new seasonal trends than Lindsay, who knows all the hot fashion trends months in advance, thanks to her trips to NYC and trendy design team. If you want to look trend on this fall, you don’t need a whole wardrobe overhaul. Lindsay’s sharing her favorite fall fashion tips, so you can look amazing on any budget and hectic schedule (even you, busy moms!).

LP’s Fall Shopping List…

061914_shot162_004_a 1. New jeans – I like to start off the fall season with a nice jeans update. Right now I am a big fan or AG and J Brand jeans – skinny jeans. Definitely on my wish list this fall are a pair of beige/ off white jeans. I think they look really fresh in the fall & winter time.

2. White cords – like these from Calypso St. Barth. I just love white in the winter time…although I do wear white 24/7. I think the old “no white after Labor Day” rule is just that – old. I say if you love white, incorporate it!

Screenshot 2014-09-23 11.13.20 3. A fun puffer vest from J.Crew. With these, I usually wear light, loose sweaters or oxford shirts. I tend to add accessories to make it fun. Forever 21 has some awesome statement necklaces right now.


Screenshot 2014-09-23 11.14.00 4. A trendy Tracy Negoshian team spirit dress.



5.Short booties…. LP ones of course. They’re a great low heel, so you can wear them anywhere, and I love the suede texture that pairs with anything from jeans & cords to even dresses with tights.



Anything that you’re transitioning from spring to fall time?

In Florida, we don’t really have a transition time, but when it gets chilly here in the winter, I do tend to pair lighter sweaters over my more warm-weather fun tops…and that’s something that you can do in the autumn in more Northern climates as well. I also love adding fun short sleeve vests over my normal outfits for some added warmth and texture.


kelli_grey What are your favorite shades this season?

Yes…Greys are in really in along with deep cobalt blues. That’s why I was so excited about introducing our new snap shoes –Charlotte Grey, Karina Grey, Kelli Grey, Blue Metallic Crackle Liz, and Royal Blue Tracy – into the mix. I am also loving the deep, bright jewel tone fall colors that are out…they have a memorable & luxurious “feel” to them – what a great way to make a fashion impression!


Lindsay_cover Prints are more popular this season than ever before. How do you go about choosing the right ones?

Prints are definitely in, and they’re a huge part of my wardrobe, since I love color and vibrance. I usually go with a full printed dress or a printed accent. I love wearing a printed dress in the fall with fun tights and nice boots.

I would say to anyone who has a little printphobia – don’t be afraid to rock the prints! Life is too short for just solids, and prints are a great way to break up your outfit/make a statement. Choose smaller prints to start out with (but I do promise you’ll be hooked!) Also – try patterned tunics with solid leggings (or even vice versa – you don’t have to go full-blown pattern to enjoy this fun, funky look).


linda_with_balloons Sixties dresses are also huge. Which switchflops do you especially love to see paired with them?

Yes – I love that these dresses are re-emerging. They’re feminine yet edgy. You can’t go wrong with any of our flats like Liz or even pointed-toe Charlotte. The stacked Linda wedge looks amazing with these dresses as well.

cuff_with_coffee What accessories are you incorporating this fall?

Gold is huge and is only going to get stronger. You can even see this trend happening in home décor. Many people are going gold over silver again. It’s always fun to add a gold necklace (or two), bangles paired with our new Chloe Cuff, and of course a little gold shoe bling to pull it all together.