Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

27 Jan


1. Flamingo Glass Tray

I love this versatile tray that can be hung, used for entertaining, or just placed on a table to hold keys, remotes, etc. The flamingo print is SO fun. Smaller size starts at $54. Find it here.

2. Ruth Shift Dress

No secret here – I am obsessed with Tracy Negoshian prints. I’m loving the pink and lavender paisley print in this simply cut, super flattering dress. Check it out here.


3. Kiss-Print Wine Glasses

Couldn’t you just kiss these wine glasses? Seriously – who doesn’t need these for girl’s night (or any night)? This set of four is just $40. Pucker up! Find these Mrs. Wino glasses here.


4. Threaded Cuff

Any gal loves a new bangle for her collection, and this Aztek Single Cuff with a threaded pop of color is really unique, fun, and chic. $58.

5. Happy Thoughts Notepad

I just adore this notepad and your mom, sister, daughter or friend will too! This is totally something to brighten someone’s day that they’d never buy themselves. Thanks for another nifty notebook design, Ashley Brooke Designs! $23

6. Coral Snakeskin Ballet Flats

Our newest ballet flats just happens to be a pretty pinky coral…is that a coincidence this Valentine season? Liz Burnished Coral Ballet Flat is trendy & girly, but neutral enough to pair with anything. $64.95

7. Beaded Headbands by Banded

Silver & Bronze Hairbands – Hey, who doesn’t want to feel like they stepped into a Gatsby party for the night! Pretty & fun starts here. $19.98


8. Gold Fingerprint Pendant

This is such a cool idea – a hand-finished gold custom fingerprint pendant with up to three initials stamped on the back. Takes the popular pendant trend to a whole new level. $1o4.99


9. Tory Burch Hoop Earrings

Tell me these Mikah Beaded Hoop Earrings aren’t the chicest thing for your ears that you’ve seen in a while. Look closely – those are brass puka shells hanging from the beads! $125


10. Monogrammed Kylie Clutch

Fornash Kylie Monogrammed Cluth

Sure, she has a clutch (or 12), but does she have a cork monogrammed clutch? Fornash even thought to pair this with a 50″ removable chain. It’s official – this is a must-have! $60.


11. Block Print Pajama Set

There’s no gal on earth who doesn’t like new PJ’s…but she will RAVE about this Lorient Block Print Pajama Set from Marigot. $115


12. Jordan Snaps

The perfect pair of vintage-inspired light pink rhinestone snaps to pair with her Switchflops or Chloe Cuff. Find Jordan Snaps here. $14.95



Tying It Together: Work It Girl

20 Jan

best workout looks

Supportive Sports Bra & Coordinating Headband  – Check. Jacket for coverage to and from gym – check.  Slip-on treaded ballet sneaks & matching snaps – check check. Go ahead…Sweat in style!


Get the Look:

Sports Bra  – Target

Katrina Sporty Ballet Flat (also available in grey) – Lindsay Phillips

Coordinating “Whitney” Shoe Snaps –  Lindsay Phillips

Jacket – Old Navy

Headband – Lululemon

Ankle Booties: The Year-Round Must-Have

15 Jan

They say you can kick anything with the right boots and we couldn’t agree more. In the past few decades, boots have transitioned from a frumpish winter staple to a fashion icon. They even leave Florida girls wishing for a chillier day.

Since their debut onto the fashion scene, ankle booties have reigned as the boot of choice. Sure, knee or thigh-high boots can be chic, but nothing flatters like the perfect pair of booties.



They’re More Versatile with Jeans 

Tall boots really require super slim cut or skinny jeans to look great, while ankle boots can be worn with any style. Our favorite look is a thinner cut jean at the ankle (think straight leg or skinny) rolled up so they sit right over your booties. But there are plenty more looks to boot! Pair your capri-cut jeans with your booties to achieve a similar look without necessarily rolling them. Or, leave your skinny jeans tucked in for a more chic & streamlined look. Better yet, feeling like rockin’ your bootcut jeans? Just wear them right over your booties. There’s practically no pair of jeans that booties can’t handle.

jeans and ankle booties

Ankle booties are a ton more versatile, pairing with a huge variety of jeans, like the boyfriend style shown above (rolled, just like we love ’em!)
Photo Credit: Amanda of


Wear More Skirts

Ankle boots also pair better with a wider variety of skirts, so you can wear all your favorite styles, like mini, ruffled, bubbled, or tiered. Booties and either a nude leg or a fun pair of tights are a trend-setting way to show off your legs AND love of fashion.

pair ankle booties with skirts


They’re Easier

Ankle booties are truly low-key, which fits right into the Lindsay Phillips motto of effortless style. Pull them on and you’re done! They’re calf-friendly and not so stuffy during a warmer day in or indoors.

Leah Black Ankle Booties with Dress


Wear Them Even in Warmer Months

The right pair of ankle booties –  like the Leah  – looks amazing with shorts, summer dresses, jumpers, and even maxi dresses. We love the edge you can add to your outfits by incorporating your favorite booties as a key part of your summer wardrobe.

how to wear ankle booties with dresses

Add edge to your dresses & skirts and show off more leg!


Our Pick: The Leah

Leah is made from cozy suede that’s perforated along the opening for added style and texture. With her heel zipper, she’s super easy to pull on and off.  Her smaller 1-inch heel means all-day comfort, and many of our fans are buzzing that she’s keeping their toes warm this winter season! Leah is an incredibly versatile bootie that pairs perfectly with any pair of jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts and dresses. Check her out here!

ankle booties boots


Leah Black Suede Ankle Bootie by Lindsay Phillips

The Leah suede bootie is perforated around the ankle for added texture & spunk.

Bootie Call

We want to hear – what’s your favorite look with ankle booties?

Tying It Together: All Different Shapes

7 Jan

Fall Fashion Ballet Flats

Rocking the X’s and O’s with a polka dot top, gold bracelets, and our Vivian X-shaped snap!


Get the Look:

Pants & Top – Joie

Matching Bracelets – Forever21

“Tracy” Black Patent Toe Cap Ballet Flats – Lindsay Phillips

Coordinating “Vivian” Shoe Snaps –  Lindsay Phillips

Earrings – J.Crew

Shell Bracelet – Shellie



Holiday Greetings From Lindsay

23 Dec

I cannot believe Christmas is in just two days – the past few months have been a whirlwind of buzz and activity!!

First, I am now an aunt!!  He was born November 19th and his name is Cooper Tor Phillips (all family names. It must be a trend in the family).  Life just got so much better….It’s awesome having all boys. I would not have it any other way.

And then of course it’s Michael’s first Christmas, so the photoshoot and visit to Santa were extra special this year.



I’ve had a lot of friends ask what my secret is to tear-free photos, and I always say sugar and lots of lollipops. ;-) Of course, I am also really lucky because Mikey is such a happy baby, he does not need much to smile or be tear free.


The boys are still a bit young to fully understand Christmas, but it’s an amazing feeling to watch them in total wonder.


As for myself,  I keep in perspective that the holidays are about being thankful….We all have so much to be thankful for. If you stay positive and don’t let the little things get to you, you are bound to happy and drama free. ;-)



This Christmas, we’re going to be at my family’s.  We’ll be having our gravloux which is our family tradition along with prime rib this year. I am so excited to help my mom in the kitchen…good times ahead :-)

Then we’re headed down to the islands to see my husband’s parents. I am so looking forward to relaxing and soaking up some sun and spending some quality time with the family and the boys before show season starts and the busy spring season kicks in (so hard to believe Spring launch is around the corner!!)

Wishing you and your family a beautiful Holiday Season!