Put Your Best Foot Forward: Pedi Q & A With Lindsay

11 Apr

What are your favorite toenail polish colors for this spring/summer?

There are a lot of great polish colors to choose from this spring –pastels are especially trendy. I’m really noticing a lot of minty green toes lately – so fun!! I find that it’s best to go for colors that you naturally wear a lot of, so I stick with pink and coral hues. If you’re unsure, go through your closet to assess what colors you wear the most,  and find a similar or compatible color for your toes.

Are you loyal to a particular brand?

I love OPI, Essie, or Deborah Lipman – these are all good-quality polishes that are bubble and chip proof :) I keep these on hand for in-between pedicure touch ups.

We actually have a fun pedicure kit at Lindsay-Phillips.com called the Pedi-Set-Go. I love it – You get a pair of Jordi flips flops and three mini bottles of polish – and it just happens to be on sale!

How important are pedicures?

Since I am in the shoe business, I am always looking down at my feet…..I think of it as part of my job. I’m constantly showing off my shoes, so my toes have to look great. But as much as I adore getting pedicures, they’re honestly not necessary all of the time if you really take care of your feet at home. Follow a good at-home system, and you’ll only need to go for a pedicure once every few months or so. And when you do go, splurge for the paraffin wax….It’s amazing what a difference it will make. If you’re on a budget, just get a polish change, which should be under $10.

What is your prescribed at-home regimen?

Using a good scrub and lotion is essential! I have been using Origins scrub for years. It’s great for your feet and even your legs. A good scrub will help slough away dead skin and keep those rough patches we all hate at bay. As for lotions, I am in love with Cuccio Milk and Honey Butter. I used this thought my entire pregnancy and I can’t live without it….It really helps my legs and feet. I use it everyday.  And once a week, I use Aquaphor Healing Ointment; I slather it on before bed, put on some socks, and let this miracle stuff go to work. This is like a masque for your feet…It really works!

Any pedi no-nos?

I really think it makes a difference to avoid walking around barefoot too much. At home, you’ll almost always see me in slippers or my black Kelli’s…They give me the arch support I need without being too fancy! xoxo

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