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13 Dec

Recently, I had the pleasure of catching up with one of my favorite people – actress Alicia Coppola, whom you may have seen on CSI,  Jericho, Common Law, or The Nine Lives of Chloe King, among others. I met Alicia several years ago at an event in LA – she has long been a fan of LP shoes, and I have adored both her work as an actress and her warm personality. Alicia has it all…. a career, a family, and stunning style. She makes it all look so easy, but she also looks fabulous while doing it. ;-)  A perfect example of this is when she tweeted me from her spin class the other day…you have to love multi-taskers! Alicia is just a beautiful person inside and out. This talented (and funny!) woman & mother has a big heart, and she’s an amazing role model for others to look up to. I am so excited to share her Q & A with you all, which includes all of her fabulous wisdom :)


Photo by Lisa Franchot


Name: Alicia Coppola

DOB: April 12, 1968

Residence: Los Angeles

Husband: Anthony Michael Jones (an actor writer and producer)

Children: Mila Roselena (Age: 10 ), Esmé Marlena (Age: 4) and Greta Helena (Age: 2 )


Q & A With Alisha

How long have you been acting?

I have been acting since I was a senior in college. So that would be five years now ;)


What projects are you currently working on?

Laundry, lifting my ass at YAS Silverlake Spin Class, researching new and exciting lunches for my girls, and finding the next fantastic role that is meant for me: the role that I have been preparing all this time to play.


What do you love most about acting?

Alicia starred as on The Nine Lives of Chloe King

I am completely fulfilled on set. I am a very creative and emotional woman. I remember growing up trying to find an outlet for this. I went from Ballet, to Art, to Clarinet, Sax, Flute, Piano, Writing…you name it, just to find my bliss: that which would use all of me. When I immerse myself into a character, I feel I am at times, using all the best of me and at others, using all the worst of me, but at all times, I am using every part of me and that is everything. That experience and the joy of sharing it with another actor is my church.


What do you like the least?

The inconsistency. The instability of an artist’s life is difficult. I have chosen this path for myself. Actually, however, sometimes I do believe an Artist’s way is chosen for them…I know I am too well educated to have chosen a life that is so fraught with this instability. (I was studying to become a lawyer in college and somehow ended up on MTV in Lycra! There was an intersection, and I guess I took a right instead of a left. God was in those details.)

In times of struggle, I never wonder if the path I am on is correct for me, I wonder only if it is correct for my children. The insecurity, both financial and at times geographical, isn’t fair to them. They didn’t choose this for themselves. But, I also know  that they see me, their mother, doing something I love and am passionate about, so I hope they have learned to go after what it is that makes them happy. They have also learned a lesson in persistence: They have seen me brush myself off after being knocked down. That is good for them. Their daddy and I have always told them “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” Perseverance vs. Instability… I guess it all balances out.


Alicia as "Mimi" with Skeet Ulrich on the set of Jericho

What project sticks with you the most? Why?

Jericho stands out to me the most, as it seemed both in hindsight and while filming, that I was experiencing a working environment that had every possible positive element; it was the Perfect Storm of Greatness. This is as rare and as wonderful as a Unicorn.


What role would you say you’re best known for?

Of all the work I have done, I think I am most well known for my role of Dr. Susan Hillridge on one episode of CSI. I have no idea why, but people LOVE that role and recall my work from that.


Alicia at an Emmy party in Los Angeles. Source: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment)

 What’s the side of you that the public never sees?

 I don’t know that there is a side to me that is hidden. I am a private person, but I am a person. As such, in my daily life, anyone who comes into contact with me is going to see it all: good, bad, ugly, pretty. It’s all good.


The Five Things You Can’t Live Without Are…Anthony, Mila, Esmé, Greta and my sparkly Acrylic Nails. (I know…very 80’s! Who cares, I love’em!)


You’re a big fan of Lindsay Phillips shoes. What drew  you to the LP Lifestyle?

The ease and fun of LP Lifestyle is the attraction. I am also attracted to anyone who has an idea and runs with it. Anybody can have an idea; it is, however, the rare few who turn that idea into something. As it is said, all things come from thought. Lindsay had a great thought, which turned into an incredible business: A shoe that can reinvent itself with the change of a jewel. God Bless you, Lindsay!

One of the reasons Alicia adores LP: "When you are running on empty and you are so tired that you get dressed with one eye open to take your kids to school and look down and realize you have two different shoes on but because they are LP Ballet Flats, you still look cute!

What are your favorite LP products?

I own upwards of 8 pairs of LP Ballet Flats, 1 pair of LP Flip Flops and the LP Wedge. I absolutely LOVE these shoes. I adore Ballet Flats and LP Ballets are not only the most comfortable I have ever worn, but also the little detachable Jewels are divine! I love anything that sparkles and glitters (see afore mentioned nails! ;) ) and these Jewels give me the opportunity to try different styles and colors. It’s like having multiple pairs of shoes. Also, I feel like I have jewelry on my feet and that alone makes me happy.


What advice can you offer to women who are eager to pursue their passions, but for whatever reason are held back?

Be brave. In times where I have been feeling frightened, stressed or as my manager and friend, Leslie calls it “utsy,” I have found that just showing up is half the battle. Just show up and be brave. That’s it.


With three daughters, a husband and an acting career, your life must get pretty hectic! Can you give newer moms about balancing it all?

Alicia with her beautiful family. Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America

1. Don’t try to “balance it all.” It cannot be done. The scale will always tilt more to one way or the other. The trick, I think, is to have it tilt to both ways equally.

2. Try not to take it all so seriously. If I think about women in the 1700’s with 10 kids and no washing machine, I realize we all have it pretty damn good.

3. Be good to your husband.Don’t ever forget him in the quotidian chaos of Mommy hood. Remember, it was just the two of you before there was anyone else.

4. It’s not your job to be your child’s friend. It is your job to make other people want to be their friend.

5. Be nice to yourself. Take it easy on yourself. You are doing all you can, the best way you can. No guilt and no “should-ing” on yourself is allowed.

6. Devote some time to physical exercise: It’s good for your body, your spirit and your mind.

7. Wine is your friend. Now I am going to try to take my own advice!


What kind of projects do you see yourself working on in the future?

I have been working towards an amazing goal for the past few years since Jericho ended. I have had two of my three girls since then and have changed and grown in more ways than I can say. Being a mother to 3 little girls has altered me, and I am a better woman for them and all the better of an actress because of them. My amazing goal is to find the role that will allow me to explore and challenge myself and tell the stories I feel I have grown to tell. Something that scares me. Having said that, I would kill to do a role that requires the stuff of an awesome Action Heroine, be a BOND Girl, star in a remarkable Cable Series either making people laugh or cry, whichever (I can do it all), reprise my role in the 3rd installment of National Treasure, sell my book “seeking grace”, continue developing my collection of therapeutic undergarments, and raise my girls. That’s not too much is it?




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    Love that Alicia is a mom and she understands the importance of family life. Especially, how important the Liz Ballet can be for a mom on the go….

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