Special Delivery: Lindsay Welcomes Baby #2!

28 Aug

When it comes to embracing all that life has to offer, this entrepreneur, fashionista, wife, and mom is unstoppable. Just HOW does she do it? We sat down with Lindsay to hear all about her most recent adventure: Baby Boy Number 2. Scroll down t0 read all about Lindsay’s newest blessing and pics from Baby Michael’s first shoot!


Where were you when you started going into labor with Baby Michael? Were you surprised?

One blessing was that I was at home when the contractions started;-) However, I was very surprised that they came so early – just like with Burcham!


What’s the story behind his name?

Honestly, Michael  wasn’t even on on our name list! With that being said, though, Brantley and I are big fans of naming the baby once he’s born. When this one came, he had dark hair and looked like a Muscato, so we just thought that Michael (which is Brantley’s father’s name)  fit . We love using family names – It is very sentimental and meaningful to us. In fact, Lawson, his middle name, is also a long standing family name on my husband’s side. So that’s pretty neat – a lot of history there;-)



What’s it like balancing now with two? What’s your advice to new moms or new moms of 2?

It’s a juggle, but a fun juggle. You have to be very organized and know when to say no. It’s a lot of multitasking, but I have found that if you are mentally prepared you can handle it. As long as you know what your priorities are, it is like anything else in life….You take care of the priorities first.

I have also learned to let some things go. I am a perfectionist, but the truth is the toys are just going to be in the living room. I don’t let it bother me. Another piece of advice I would have is don’t say no to help! Having help & family around the first couple of months truly makes a difference – it’s something I embrace as a mother.


What have your go-to’s been these past six weeks as a busy mom with a toddler and a newborn?

Haha…my Medela hospital pump that I am renting, my morning coffee, and my massive water jug. Cannot stress enough the importance of morning caffeine followed by water throughout the day, which keeps me hydrated and refreshed.



With running a business, managing a household, and carrying for a newborn and a toddler…How do you take time for yourself during the week?

My husband and I make it a priority to do date night once a week. It’s important to get out. I’m also running again, which is my mental release.


How are Burcham and Cosmo doing with their new brother?

Surprisingly, they are both doing really well with the baby! Burch has not skipped a beat and wants to help and Cosmo adores this baby and sits next to him all day.



Any surprises with this baby?

Nope – I’m just happy that he is healthy. ;-) He is a super sweet baby and is gaining weight like crazy.


Where was Michael’s photoshoot? Any challenges or surprises?

At our house. We were lucky enough to convince Amy to come shoot Michael even though she is semi-retired. She is just so sweet and talented. I could not think of using anyone else. The shoot went great, minus the fact that the house has to be really hot during newborn sessions. We were in the Florida hot zone and all sweating during the shoot lol.



Overall, what’s it like being a mom of 2?

I LOVE it and could not picture my life any other way. I especially love having 2 boys. Boys are just so sweet, fun, and active which totally goes with my personality!



Welcome to the world, Baby Michael! Born 6/29/14…

Do you have any advice for Lindsay or new moms? Share in the comments below!


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    I truly cannot believe how adorable this picture is. Sweetest face ever!

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