LP Spring 2013 Preview

3 Jan

For some of you, winter may just be getting started, but in the fashion world, spring is beginning to arrive! Spring is a joyous time at Lindsay Phillips because it captures the sunny, fun-filled LP lifestyle. This week, we are featuring our “behind the scenes” spring  photoshoot, as well as a Q & A with Lindsay about LP Spring 2013! (Don’t forget to click on the photos for enlarged images)

An LP Model poses with Ashley - LP's first ever stacked heel, which will debut shortly!!

Q & A with Lindsay

What was your vision for Spring 2013 when planning with the designers?

Color, color, and more color! I wanted to make a big splash for 2013. We went back to core shoes, but made them pop with color this season. It’s all about the  relaxed carefree lifestyle that I live.

A photographer sets up a session with Lulu brights - all part of the LP colorful Spring collection.


Talk about some of the new shoes for spring!!

We really listened to our customer when designing the line for this year. We made some fabulous introductions, such as the Libby (a new cork platform strap shoe), Ashley (a new stacked heel strap shoe), Lulu brights, and my personal favorite – Kelli (a flip flop featuring PLUSfoam material).  We brought back a much-missed shoe (see next question), and made some fabulous updates to some of our past best sellers, such as the Devon and the Gwen.

You have some exciting news for long time fans. Explain :)

We’re bringing back Taylor!!  Apparently, this was much-loved shoe (not to mention that she’s named after a fabulous young lady). When we took her off the market last year, we heard that people missed her, so we brought her back!!

An LP Model poses with Kelli - a comfy arched flip flop that debuts this spring.

What are you most excited about with the spring line?

My favorite shoe is the Kelli. I am obsessed with the fish detail imprint. I just love all the colors in the straps and snaps we have to offer this spring.

Where did the photo shoot for spring take place? How did you come to choose this location?

We shot this photoshoot on the north end of Clearwater Beach at a private residence. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to use this location,  which belongs to a family friend of ours. This is one of my favorite houses and it just screams what the Lindsay Phillips brand is all about.

A ceiling & chandelier composed of mosaic tile and shells - one of the artistic, hand-crafted touches to the private residence where LP Spring was photographed.

The woman who owns this house is an artist, and this really is something that you can see throughout the entire photoshoot. I grew up going to this house when I was in high school, so it is almost a part of my life. Check out the amazing shell mosaic  porch. Probably one of my favorite spaces in the world…Yes, this sure was handmade…piece by piece.

What was it like shooting there?

Words can’t describe it….Unreal!

You were about 7 months pregnant during this photo shoot. What was that like?

Lindsay, about 7 months pregnant, poses with the upcoming coral Lulu.

It was totally fine, although it was hard not being able to fit into most of my clothes. We had to work with a very limited wardrobe for this shoot.

What was the overall experience that day? Do you do anything special for the crew to make the day a little easier for everyone?

Our photo shoots are a work hard, play hard theme. The days are very long days, and sometimes they can start at 4am and go until 8pm, trying to get the perfect light.

A Frenchy's Lunch Fiesta for the crew keeps spirits and energy up on these long days.

My  consistentency is that we always like to have good food for these shoots. So if you are on my photo-shoot team, you know you will be fed well! My favorite place for lunch is Frenchy’s – a Clearwater Beach classic. They have the ultimate grouper sandwich….My fav!!

Fans have long requested a denim-colored shoe, so LP is thrilled to introduce a navy Devon this spring:)



When can fans expect to see LP Spring in stores and online?

The spring line is launching at the end of January.

Please scroll down for more photos from the LP Spring photoshoot!



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