Spring Fashion & NYC

20 Feb

I recently headed to NYC to feature LP at an annual Spring Fashion Market. Brr…it was cold!!!! Snow, ice and slush! After just a few days, this Florida girl’s toes were longing for flip flops and sunshine. I love NYC, but not in the slush!!! But trust me when I tell you that warmer days ARE ahead– And Spring Fever in the city was creating quite the buzz! We have had an awesome response to our spring line and buyers are really excited about all the new products we’re getting ready to launch.  Feet and flip flops go together like sand and seashells…There are a lot of anxious toes ready to be reunited with LP ;)


Coffee & treat time!

Coffee & Treat time!

On The Agenda

We were pretty much busy each and everyday in the city – I spent my time between the show and trend shopping. I also met with Stylesite, a trend forecasting company we belong to, to look at spring concepts for next year! It’s always fun going to their offices.

It’s also important to remember play time, so we headed to our favorite restaurants each night to refuel. Pearl Oyster Bar is my absolute favorite NYC spot. The lobster roll and the caesar salad are items I crave at least once a week, lol. Trust me when I tell you it is pure bliss! We also went to a theater show called Kinky Boots, which was unreal!!!! It’s actually about a shoe factory, so you know I was hooked from the beginning ;) It gets very…colorful, as I’m sure you can judge by the name. Watch for it at your local theater, as they’re starting a US tour this year!

Black & White is going to be HOT this Spring.

Black & White is going to be HOT this Spring.


Spring Fashion Trends Alert

What I’m really excited to share with you is upcoming spring fashion trends. I managed to squeeze in some trend shopping while in the city and there are so many fun new looks and color combos to share!

First, TONS of black and white, which I am beyond thrilled about. Black and white is SO classic and everyone wears it well. We just launched some new black & white straps & snaps – check them out here at LP.com or ask your favorite retailer!

The "blue on blue" concept is reflected in the new Izzy snap!

The “blue on blue” concept is reflected in the new Izzy snap!

Blue will also be huge. This year, different hues of blue are being worn together, which is really unique and fun. I also saw tons of denim colors being mixed together as well –  Lights and darks all coming together, which I am just loving. In fact, I picked up a light blue denim shirt that I’ve been wearing with my dark blue denim jeans with my Neutral Patent Liz ballet flats. It’s just such a great concept.


Stepping Into Spring…


Shoes with details are IN. Looks like NYC is catching on to the LP way of fashion ;)

In shoes, we are seeing lots of details, straps and embellishments. It’s like everyone has caught on to the LP way of fashion ;) Consequently, I feel like we’ve been a true pioneer for this shoe fashion movement, and I couldn’t be prouder! The sneaker and sport concept is also taking off – The Keds look is back and short boots are everywhere!  Oh, and metallics are still all over! So fun!

There are so many reasons to be pumped for Spring Fashion and I can’t wait to see the looks you create and share on Instagram or right on our Facebook page! No matter what style you choose, we have so many great neutrals this spring that you can really match your LP’s to anything. I also can’t wait for you guys to see the t-strap shoe that we are launching soon.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just ready to put on my spring wardrobe and flops!!!! The winter has been so cold all I can think about is summer. Here’s to sunny days ahead! Xoxo LP

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