The Art of Beach Bumming

2 Aug

Soaking up the sun at 24 weeks!

As a Florida native, the beach is practically my second home. I also spend a lot of time at my in-law’s home in Hopetown, Bahamas. I’ve learned through trial and error what to wear and what to leave home. Here are my fun-in-the-sun essentials:



Beach Coverlet

Gulf Breeze Coverlet Pink

If you’re anything like me, you love to walk the beach. I can’t sit still for too long, and with the backdrop of the ocean, the wet sand in my toes, and the seagulls overhead, I forget that I’m actually working my leg muscles! I am always stopping interesting shells or watch for dolphins, so I don’t want to have to worry whether my suit is staying in place (especially now that I‘m 24 weeks along!). That’s where flirty coverlets become handy. You can tie them around your waist and wear them as a sarong to cover your bottom half or even twist them into a sexy little beach dress! LP Gulf Breeze Coverlets provide the lightweight coverage we need, and even better, can double as towels or scarves. The modern tie-dye pattern is bright and fun, while the terry cloth lining helps them dry quickly if you decide to splash around a little too much ;-) To keep my beach tote a little lighter, I wear this right to the beach. That way, I don’t have to mess with extra clothing.

Shell Bag

Collecting shells is a timeless treasure whether you’re three or eight-three. They’re the perfect hand-picked souvenir, an actual piece of the beach you can take home that’s full of warm memories. But there’s nothing worse than discovering that all of the beautiful, unique shells you collected over the course of a day or week were crushed in the bottom of your beach bag, or even lost. We get so caught up in finding the perfect beach bags that we forget about seashell bags – a top  beach essential! These netted bags are designed to keep your sea treasures dry and safe. You’re also a lot less likely to forget about your shells until it’s too late. And once you get them home, there are so many things you can do with them! Put them in a small vase, glass lamp, or even a glass display box. You can also small boxes or mirrors with them to add a little beach bling to your home décor. Happy shelling!


The Jordi Flip Flop in Coral

Of course, you can’t head to the beach without a great pair of sandals. But you want something that’s comfortable and easy (no heels please!) to take on and off. Too many straps and buckles are just inconvenient, and honestly, they look too dressy with swim gear. Flip flops are your perfect go-to. My favorite? The Coral Jordi. Coral is always classic in the spring and summer time—and even better, it goes with everything! The Jordi’s crocodile-patterned sole and super chic signature snap, give this sandal the perfect amount of summer bling, with the comfort of a flip flop. What more can a girl ask for? ;)

Sun Protection

It is so not worth a day at the beach if you come home with sun-scorched skin! Lying on the sand and playing in the waves may feel amazing, but they’re also maximum sun exposure activities. On a hot summer day, you begin burning within a matter of minutes. Did you know that your chance of skin cancer increases with the number of sunburns you get? It’s just not worth it – not to mention the wrinkles that accompany your exposure. Remember Magda from There’s Something About Mary? Need I say more? I like to be tan, but as a Floridian, I’ve learned the art of beach-going without the redness and blisters that often follow. And it’s as simple as a good UV sunscreen. I  I absolutely LOVE Supergoop. It provides stellar, antioxidant-rich coverage, but its light texture makes it easy to glide on. It’s also paraben and fragrance free, so I don’t have to worry about slathering chemicals all over my skin. PLEASE Don’t forget about your lips! They, too, can be damaged by sun and wind exposure. You don’t want to have a great summer glow with chapped, peeling lips. Look for a balm with spf to help keep your kisser super soft!


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